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A Losing Immigration Strategy

Were the heads of major (formerly) U.S. corporations to say to us: "We will bring all the jobs we exported overseas back to the USA if you reduce the corporate tax rate to 20% (an idea that Romney and Obama supported in their debates), but we want all the tax we owe on income we hid overseas to be evaluated at the new rate, not the old", you and people like you would praise that idea! It would never in a million years occur to you to say "No, that's unjust! You have to pay all the back taxes you owe!" You wouldn't say something that stupid because you recognize that the laws and taxes that were in place were unwise and counter-productive and had ruinous unintended consequences.
FlamingLiberalMultiCulturalist Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 1:51 PM

Lowering corporate rates would bring huge numbers of jobs back to the USA, and most people like you would support a reduction in back taxes or maybe even a complete tax holiday on overseas earnings without a 2nd thought. It's a practical, reasonable solution to a mess brought about by unwise laws.

But you refuse to recogize the stupidity and inadequacy of our current immigration
system, and you will throw a whole toolbox full of monkey wrenches at any attempt to fix
it, because you don't like little brown people.
Everyone in Washington is showing new interest in immigration reform. President Barack Obama needs to do something to cement the loyalty of Hispanics, who did so much to re-elect him. Republicans seem to grasp that they had better soften their hard line unless they want to forfeit any hope with Latinos and Asian-Americans.

Both sides also agree that a balanced, two-part approach is in order: stricter enforcement and improved border security on one hand and a pathway to legalization on the other. It's an excellent plan -- except for that first part.

To say we need more enforcement to seal the border is...