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That said, good riddance to this political operator and her freakishly long face.
The messed up thing about the Times story is they focus on the horrible website, as opposed to the bill itself. Granted, the White House used the hundreds of millions they spoent on the website to pad the pockets of their cronies, but the fact is it's not the code that's killing us. That's all fixable. It's the 2000+ pages of unmitigated nation-killing law that's doing us in. No Republican shoud EVER even mention the stupid website during campaigns and debates. It's just a distraction from the REAL problems, and they are legion.
"that has never been true in the US" Really? You sure about that?
I would love to. Unfortunately, such a section does not exist.
Back when the Va Tech shooting happened, a lib co-worker said "I wish the next time one of these people wants to kill a bunch of people they'd go do it at the NRA headquarters." I said you know what, so do I. Because they wouldn't make it halfway through the lobby before they got dropped like a stone. There aren't any ready-made victims at NRA headquarters. So yes, I wish that everyone in the future who wants to go on a killing spree would go try it at NRA headquarters instead of some gun-free zone, because there would be a LOT fewer deaths. The NRA could provide a valuable public service.
Your argument is LUDICROUS! You might want to think about it a little harder. Because here's a FACT: This psycho was NOT "allowed" to carry, and yet he got the gun in and killed people anyway! So obviously your beloved gun ban is DOES NOT WORK. Do you not understand that? Gun-free zones, gun laws, common sense - NONE of these things stop criminals from doing what they want to do. The only thing that would stop them would be another guy with a gu or their own suicide. THAT'S IT, BUDDY! Nothing else. When you disarm the good guys with laws, you turn them into sitting ducks for the bad guys and psychos! Gun control is killing a LOT of people in these situations that might otherwise have lived. And if you support them then some of that blood is on YOUR hands. Your condescending tone on this thread is pathetic, especially when your "logic" is so fatally FLAWED.
EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE has the right to be armed so they can defend themselves. It's called the 2nd amendment. Every single gun control law in this nation - federal, state or local - is unconstitutional. Liek it or not.
Interesting that a learned UGA professor doesn't understand the meaning of the term "geopolitical." That term does not encompass terrorist attacks or military action. Romney made it clear he was referring to the way Putinm (Medvedev was only a seat warmer) was - and is - cockblocking us on the world political stage. One of the great failures of the liberal mind is the inability to grasp subtlety, nuance and distinction. And so yet again we get libs mocking what they fail to understand, turning themselves into a mockery in the process. But unfortunately the VAST majority of Americans failed to understand the nuances of Romney's statements as well. And that's a microcosmic glimpse into why we're all in this sinking boat.
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