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Business Executives at White House: Save Us! Raise Their Taxes!

FlamingCapitalist Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 4:09 PM
No he's not, he's demonizing business and the wealthy in general in a rant that would get a standing ovation at any Occupy rally. Conservatives by definition are free market capitalists. As such we don't demonize business or the wealthy. There is a market for corporate executives, just like there's a market for corn. And if an exec is paid ostentatiously it's because that's what the market decided he's worth. Capitalists don't care how much people make. That's their business. And we most CERTAINLY don't care how they SPEND what they make. Only communists get outraged about those things. Now, the CEOs in this story may be worthy of degradation, but not for the reasons Drama is ranting about. He's spouting Marxist insanity.

Don’t worry, folks. All is well.

Barack Obama “gets” it.

"The president gets it," says the chief executive officer and chairman of Honeywell, in a Reuters article.

“David Cote, chief executive and chairman of Honeywell,” says Reuters, “told reporters that Obama understood a combination of tax measures and reforms of social programs will be necessary to address the so-called fiscal cliff and beyond that, the deficit.”

I’m really glad that Obama met with business leaders to straighten out that pesky “tax” thing that the rest of us have been so confused about. I’m equally comforted that the major wire services...