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Looks to me like Obummer's people are getting scared. Maybe his underpants may be showing the he is scared . We sane people need to stick together and keep the faith. Our country needs a new leader, a real leader, a leader who does not hate it and the foundation it was built upon. Obviously the guy in there now is a Socialist who wants to give away all the money that hard working people worked for to bums who are afraid of the word "work."
Jon198, you are so right. I wonder the same thing about these Democratic women who let themselves be used and abused by that Party and the present Administration in the White House. It is amazing how stupid they are . They are living proof of the old saying "Ignorance is Bliss."
Maybe Maxine Waters should be living under Sharia Law. It would do her and her constituents a lot of good. Mostly she would be required to shut her stupid mouth up.
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Oscars Make Splash in the Sewer

fking Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 10:12 AM
Hollywood people are the biggest bunch of hypocrites around next to politicians. Of course there are a few like Clint Eastwood who are great. Clooney, Baldwin and his cronies are so full of themselves that they think their stardom qualifies them to comment as experts on political matters. Baldwin's claim to fame was when he was recorded cursing his young daughter and calling her a pig on the telephone.
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