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Any clear-thinking conservative to America: Electing Obama will be your economic ruin.
They work at Fox News, but not all at Fox are honorable.
I prefer sex on Fridays. And Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
But I just read where Q2 GDP growth was revised to 4.2%! How can this be? Oh yeah, the liberal media constantly lie.
You are an idiot of epic proportions, Lois. The lying liberal media won't tell you that these jobs are mostly part-time and minimum wage.
loiso2014 Wrote: 1 hour ago (11:50 AM) "As Reagan cut taxes for the wealthy, the government was left with less money to spend. When Reagan came into office the national debt was $900 billion, by the time he left the national debt had tripled to $2.8 trillion. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The reason you don't like Reagan is because he called liberals out for the idiots they are. Did you know that tax cuts are a percentage of everyone's taxes? If you pay $1,000 in taxes and someone else pays $10,000 in taxes, guess who gets the bigger cut? Hint: 5% of 10,000 is ten times 5% of 1,000. Because you don't pay taxes, 5% of 0 is 0. Are you really this stupid? Reagan may have increased the debt substantially, but he spent it mostly on the military which wound up "tearing down this wall" and brought freedom to the opressed. Do you think other citizens of this world should be able to live as freely as Americans? Yes, he passed amnesty, but only after DEMOCRATS promised to secure the border after passage. Guess how that turned out? Sorry, but you can't compromise with democrats. You must defeat them! Have you been called an idiot today?
loiso2014 Wrote: 2 mins ago (11:35 AM) the guy that had no idea what was going on? The one that tripled the deficit, told us all about trickle down econ? Gave amnesty? Left how many American's behind to die in Beirut to die? Gave poors access to medical help? That guy?? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lie, lie, and lie. Your post is proof that some are low-information brainwashed morons. Are you vying for the Biggest Idiot of the Year award?
loiso2014 Wrote: 34 mins ago (10:58 AM) is he taking over for convicted felon Dinesh D'Oopsa? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Lois, you better run and hide because your desperation is showing BIG time. Your idiocy, too!
They are just appeasing the low information brainwashed morons.
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