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You have to use the correct spices. Like lime.
george washington Wrote: 1 hour ago (12:12 PM) Yes, voting for TEA Partiers who cannot win rather than the GOP candidate is a vote for Obama. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you have against the TEA Party, gw Rove? At least they have a message and will capitalize on democrat failures. But if you want amnesty, yes, vote GOP! Funny thing is that in these times I have no idea what the GOP stands for, because they won't tell us. Voting GOP, which I certainly will, is not a vote for republican principles for many who will vote November 4. It will be a vote against the democrats. By next election, these people will forget and probably vote for a democrat, because they won't know what they voted for in 2014 without the GOP selling conservatism to America. All I've heard from the GOP lately is that they want to help push amnesty through! WTF?!?!?!!!!!
What is faux noise? Silence?
To the low-information voters? They have nothing to worry about. Afterall, someone was re-elected in 2012.
Chicago cemetaries and trunks of cars account for at least 5% of the dem vote! The 1% you guys are referring to comes from cartoon characters.
It's not "Obimbo", John. It is "Obola" from now on.
Doesn't matter whiich state he is in. The only qualifier you need to know he is brain dead is he is a demorat.
Spot on, racist!
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