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So are you saying your kind can procreate, weewillie?
Ignorance is bliss? Then why does Nancy Pelosi always have a frown on her face?
If she hasn’t been briefed, then she hasn’t been watching the news. Isn’t that where Obama gets his briefs?
Organic or man-made? I’ll take the organic route. What’s funny and/or suspicious is that a 60 second commercial for a pill tells you how wonderful the pill is in the first 10 seconds, and then spends the rest of the time telling you what adverse effects will happen to you if you do take this pill.
Clinton said he should be serving coffee.
That last line was funny, burgerboy! Especially living in Colts territory.
She does it from her mouth easily, so reversing the action might not be that hard for her.
Fainting or fella-tio couch? We all know what you do for a living.
Like raise taxes on the rich?
What does that make you?
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