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Flagged as spam
Flagged as spam
She's a liberal. Do I need to say more?
Did little twerp boy-un get offended? Awwww... That's just too bad, isn't it?
They let you out?
But it was made in Hollyweird, not Japan.
What they are most worried about is leaked e-mails will expose liberalism for what it truly is: a bunch of lies based on what makes someone "feel" good.
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America's Next President

Fishers_Man Wrote: 2 hours ago (11:22 AM)
I'll write in Mickey Mouse.
be they mainstream GOP or TEA? Did you just say that? You would vote for a radical TEA? Mr. Rove, you are an idiot!
george washington Wrote: 35 mins ago (2:05 PM) Don't let the door hit you on the way out! ------------------------------------------------- Sounds like someone is throwing a petulant temper tantrum! What's wrong? You want to control the money but can't take the opposition, Karl?
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