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At least we are going to help the Ukranians by sending them helmets, blankets, and water purification kits. That'll show Vlad!
It's too close to your home state, Illinois.
Lurch is a better depiction of him.
After it is fully repealed.
I know gay conservatives. IF there was a jihad against gays by the religious right these guys wouldn't still vote republican, but they do. Want to know why? Because the republican party is our best bet to get America back working again.
You really didn't have to post the disclaimer. I knew you were being sarcastic.
with instructions on the heel
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The Obama Administration Trolls

Fishers_Man Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 11:25 AM
Just reading the title makes me think of loisonumbnutstastic, will_ethan, et al.
It's a shame that politics has become a sleaze contest, but it surely has. Candidates in the primary want to win, and they will use any tactic that works. Too bad the democrats have shown us that sleaze politics works. But I don't think the primaries turned that many republicans "off" to lose an election. Not nominating a true conservative (Romney) and Lerner's IRS (attacking TEA Party groups) had a crucial role, also, in us losing the election. I think the former was the biggest reason we lost; 4 million conservatives stayed home and did not vote!
And cartoon characters!
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