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How about the limitless democrat corruption? But we hear so much about that on ABC, CBS, NBC, et al. that she probably doesn't think it is a good idea.
dementia is starting to set in for old gee dubya.
Tillis should say Hagan travels with her dog on the roof of the car.
That's right! Attacking your opponent is the dems way of campaigning.
watch out! You might ruffle some of gee dubya's feathers...
Just look at who took the poll. CNN! No bias there, I am sure.
JustWondering Wrote: 16 mins ago (12:11 PM) He was elected and therefore is everyone's president. Not liking him does not change that fact. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Was Bush YOUR president? I doubt it. Yes, Obama was elected. By vote fraud and other democrat tactics.
ZombieBart? Never heard of it. Next!
Nope, gee dubya! It is Joe Biden.
Reminds me of putting more litter in the litter box.
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