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What civil war? Isn't a civil war fought within one country? Hence, the word civil. ISIS is not Syrians trying to overthrow Asad. ISIS is not limited to one country; there are British, Americans, Iraqis, Afghanis, etc. in ISIS. They want a caliphate and who is the only country that can stop them?
Sure, Iran wants us to take care of ISIS. What you fail to comprehend is that if we kick their butt, others will take notice.
Let them do what? Act desperate? I will admit it is funny watching their desperation on full display,
That half-life is a wonderful thing in the context of your post!
The democrats are very desperate because they know a shellacking is coming in November. It really is that simple. Everything to a democrat is seen through a political lense.
Her plan, scumBob, is to go around the world and apologize for all of America's transgressions, whether they are true or not. And then give a speech about how America doesn't want to do them any harm. And then go play a round of golf.
North pole, too.
Just playing with you, Henry. If we did bet, I would gladly give you the money! This is one bet I would love to lose.
Especially blackened Mahi Mahi!
$100, H8! And I am sure I live closer to you than Marc and Keep.
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