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I will probably stay home, unless a TEA Party candidate is on the ballot.
They would all be waiting in line with their gallon jugs to fill up if I said that! And they think it is kool aid.
Brainwashed skulls full of mush, and the idiots who brainwash them, apparently don’t know what the word “affluent” means. Liberals, affluent doesn’t mean poor and out of work!
You never knew Jublia has THC in it?
FF, when I cool down I will agree with you 100%.
Democrats are still worse. Nothing they propose ever works. Ever! I will do my research next election and only vote for those who support the TEA Party. That's if I even vote at all.
Why in the world do you think I will do this to teach anything to a democrat? I still hate democrats more than I do spineless republicans, but the gap is getting smaller each cave-in by the republicans.
A smart candidate, for sure! At least he beat back the idiot liberals 3 times in 4 years in a BLUE state. Too bad I will never vote for a republican again, because I would love to vote for Scott Walker and call him president one day. But with the spineless republicans in the senate selling us out to the idiot liberals, I will stay home election day.
I will be sitting home in 2016 unless something changes drastically on the republican side.
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