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The Romney Coronation Begins?

firewarning Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 2:04 PM
OK - Romney have won the most delegates, but he has consistently won most primaries by less than 50%. He many have gotten more votes than the other guys, but the majority of GOP voters still aren't voting for him. If the GOP isn't behind him at this stage, don't expect me, as an independent, to get excited about him. He is NOT a conservative. His position is like a bowl of runny Jello - there is nothing firm about it. As far as the personal stuff - I don't care. Reagan was divorced and honestly his kids were brats and hated him. I only care about what he'll do as President and I can't figure out what that is - even now. He says he'll get rid of Obamacare, but how do I know he won't just rename it Romneycare National? Nominate Santorum

As Republicans head to the polls in Maryland, Washington DC, and Wisconsin today (more on those primaries below), they might be forgiven for wondering if they're merely spinning their wheels.  Several developments over the last 24 hours point to a growing consensus that Mitt Romney's eventual nomination is now a fait accompli.  To wit:

(1) The Obama campaign is running an ad in swing states that explicitly treats the former governor as the president's general election opponent: