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Mitt's Hat Trick

firewarning Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 10:36 AM
So once again, Mitt "Pink-Slime" Romney has a big win by getting less than half the number of votes possible. I wonder if now that he has been handed the nomination by his party's bosses, if he'll start to put out some ideas and policies plans or will just continue to whine about how Obama must hate freedom. For the party that has taken the brave stand to say to the American consumer (Rick Perry, Sam Brownback) "Shut the hell up and eat your pink-slime" they now have their perfect candidate. Congratulations GOPinkslime - you have the man you deserve.
Frank98 Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 11:20 AM
Um, he'll say Soetero IS a good man, he just does not get it.
Then he'll say Soetero IS a good man, he just does not get it.
Ok, I could repeat this forever. though he'll say Obama instead of Soetero

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney swept a trio of Republican presidential nominating contests tonight, coasting to victories in Maryland and Washington, DC, and notching another Midwestern triumph in Wisconsin.  The cacophony declaring this race over is all but certain to kick into high gear ahead of the April 24 primaries.  In Maryland, Romney dominated with almost every major demographic, even tying Rick Santorum among self-identified "very conservative" voters and evangelicals -- group Romney has struggled to attract in other states.  Maryland Republicans overwhelmingly said the ability to defeat Barack Obama in a general election was their top priority in...