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Democrats created Obamacare, all by themselves. Democrat congresscritters passed Obamacare, all by themselves. The President signed Obamacare, all by himself. Democrats were stupid enough to pass and sign the bill. The question remains: Did they get fooled; or, did they know and conspire to fool us. Either way, the dollars involved make this felony fraud; or, at least, they would if the "perps" were not elected officials.
I have heard nobody comment on the really stupid American people involved in Obamacare: the congresscritters who read it and voted for it anyway; the congresscritters who didn’t read it and voted for it anyway; and, the President, who also didn’t read it and signed it into law. To quote a now almost forgotten preacher: their “chickens have come home to roost.”
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firetoice Wrote: Nov 10, 2014 9:41 AM
If we assume that the UNC legal expenses were approximately equal to the ADF's legal expenses, this travesty by UNCW administrators cost the taxpayers of the State of North Carolina ~$1.5 million. Who was fired as a result? Anyone?
Abstinence is free; and, it is 100% effective.
Nowhere in the US Constitution is there a guaranteed right to contraception, no less to contraceptives.
"Calibration error" my a$$!
US EPA uses a estimate of $9 million as the "societal cost of a life unnecessarily shortened", regardless of the age of the person whose life was shortened, to justify new and expanded environmental regulations. Virtually all abortions result in "a life unnecessarily shortened", arguably to the greatest extent possible. Multiplying the EPA estimate by the 55+ million abortions in the US since Roe vs. Wade results in a societal cost of abortion-on-demand of ~$500 trillion. That ain't chump change!
Way to go, Friedenie!
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