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Its 2 separate issues. In general its disrespectful to women. But in the specific case, truth is a defense
With limited success Maher is right. We have to start getting TOUGH with you people
Bill Maher the other night: "Liberals are too scared to say the 2nd amendment is bullsh-t"
I won't be going anywhere unless I can figure out how to get to rice lake, then up to the lake nrth of there our cabin is on. But, unlike you, I make things happen and I figure things out.
The ppl making a big issue out of Gosnell are your anti choice friends. Most rational pro choicers recognize this is a case of a man pratising bad medicine but arent using it to push an agenda.
Obviously Gosnell is a sick man
I dont mean walk out the door and hail a cab......I mean breathe and whatever on its own
Usually when the fetus is removed it is not viable or alive afterwards
Deandre who? I have a date tonight at long last...and so your petty little digs have no effect I havent been with a man sexually in over 3 months.... But then, you havent been with a woman sexually in 3 months + 20 yrs.
Actually read the thread. I condemned him.
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