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Uneducated People Share Simplistic Graphic About Education, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

firefox26 Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 7:27 AM
I find it interesting that educated people cannot perform basic accounting arithmetic. No Democrat should say a single word about education when the Democrat Aristocrats are running a 42% deficit every year from here to eternity; there is no CBO report that ever shows balancing the budget in any scenario. CommieCare, Welfare, MediCare, and free money for Solyndra, GM and others is breaking the country down, dragging the whole country down. It is either colossal incompetence or there is something wicked happening. This is not education; this is sitting in Liberal-brainwashing institutions, paying professors to talk and grade papers, crank up personal debt, it is a country club more than a place to learn how to be productive.
John5507 Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 10:02 AM
where were you during the 8 years of drunken sailor spending under bush? 2 unfunded wars, unfunded medicare giveaway to PHARMA to the tune of 6 Billion, No child left behind, etc. I'm sure that was fine because bush was in office right? As to balancing the budget, thurston and gilligan's "plan" didn't balance anything until 2040 from the little infomation they gave us to look at. EVERY attempt the Democrats made to balance the budget was met with anger and obstruction from your red friends in congress, all of whom are beholden to a lobbyist named norquist. "dern Commies". Get out of the ultra right echo chamber for a little while.
You may have seen this graphic floating around the internet. I have no clue where it comes from, but wouldn't recommend visiting whatever "" is, which has been watermarked on this version:

Hah! Those dumb conservatives, they all vote for Mitt Romney. And they're dumb. Well, now that we've all confirmed our elitist preconceived biases about conservatives, it's off to the wine bar to celebrate eh?

Not so fast. (Obviously. Why would you be readin this otherwise?) Pretty much every exit poll shows very little correlation between education and electoral outcomes. Here are the...

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