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Your teen idols couldn't balance a checkbook to save their lives. Fortunately for them, no experience, education or talent is required to trick people in the ultimate sales job: election for president. His election weasels beat the other election weasels. Your Lord God King in the White House had less experience than any other in history- and it shows. He stole money from taxpayers to fund Solyndra and get contributions back from those thieves, wasted taxpayer money on GM for Union benefit only, and is bankrupting social security.
So the black vote is 93%+ for the (half) black president and that's not racism? Really? There are more whites on relief programs because there are more of them; do you want to look up the percentage of each each population on relief versus the raw number? I know plenty of Democrats who are racist; give me a break. And Democrats will believe anything they are told by politicians; Al Gore invented the internet, Al Gore says there's global warming so you believe it without even thinking (truth: inconclusive but worth monitoring), President cuts social security from 6% to 4% making it run out of money and you think it's Bush's fault, Baraq did not lie about cutting the deficit in half, or about dead marines in Benghazi. Try to think.
Rassmussen was spot on last time, but this time was a bit off. It will improve, they hate to lose. You were deceived; Republicans do not believe the things you mention any more than all Democrats are crack smoking, lazy welfare queens who would rather get free phones from the government than work. What rational people saw was a President who allowed an ambassador and three marines to be killed by Al Qaeda in Benghazi; he then blamed the event on a YouTube video made by a Coptic Christian. His staff lied for him, 60 Minutes lied for him, and after two weeks he said "I lied to all you idiots but you are too drunk on Kool AId to care." Lied about unemployment, lied about cutting the deficit, he is the King of lies.
I find it interesting that educated people cannot perform basic accounting arithmetic. No Democrat should say a single word about education when the Democrat Aristocrats are running a 42% deficit every year from here to eternity; there is no CBO report that ever shows balancing the budget in any scenario. CommieCare, Welfare, MediCare, and free money for Solyndra, GM and others is breaking the country down, dragging the whole country down. It is either colossal incompetence or there is something wicked happening. This is not education; this is sitting in Liberal-brainwashing institutions, paying professors to talk and grade papers, crank up personal debt, it is a country club more than a place to learn how to be productive.
If the author really believes this, she should act on it. Where are the lawsuits? Where is the evidence? If someone steals your cookies, you have to get evidence and file a lawsuit or the thief gets away with it. Just writing about it isn't enough; in world history, the aggressive take control; you can't just sit back and expect tyrants to rest. In America, we have a chance to fight back but there has to be evidence. Without a lawsuit, it sounds like a tall tale.
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