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Milton Friedman suggested this policy years ago; he was hardly a lame brained Leftist. Why don't all people go on welfare now? Because most people prefer to work. Think of all the waste and fraud that is inherent with hiring government workers to apply government benefits to people. The costs are huge! By applying "Negative Taxation", everyone gets a minimum and there are no government bureaucracies anymore. SNAP, EBT, Welfare, Disability, Medicaid & Medicare (to some extent) would all be gone, and the savings would be impressive. We're paying the 47%ers anyway, why not do it cheaply?
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firefox26 Wrote: Jul 02, 2014 5:21 AM
While I agree the Ex-Im Bank should not exist, as long as Airbus enjoys its own version of loan assistance from Europe, we have no choice but to combat that with our own. When Europe cuts it out, we should too.
There are no more new frontiers, no where else in the world for us to go. We stand for truth, even when people don't want to hear it. Our founding fathers lived in a different world where Liberty was possible, but now our country is choked with the same masses that they left hundreds of years ago. And masses need free stuff, at your cost; consider it the anti-riot tax. Things were worse in 2008; let's prepare for next time.
Treaties can be made by the Pres and Senate only- like the UN Gun Ban. The UN, nest of tyrants and destroyers of freedom, want to ban citizens the use of arms. King George II would be proud.
It was way worse in 2008; Democrats had it all and stuck us with CommieCare. CommieCare will cause massive budget shortfalls and service shortfalls; Democrats will be complaining soon. They will be hurt by the very monster they created. We need to be there with real solutions.
If we let the Democrats ruin the country, they will just blame us for not stopping them. Never give up.
The real sin is making these unwanted children in the first place. We don't have a way to stop that, so we're stuck in this conundrum. In any case, don't make me pay for it.
The bad news is that many Californians will leave- the ones who have the means. They will settle in other states and mess up elections there, too, spreading the contagion. Saw this happen in MA years ago when it was called "Taxachussetts"; many fled to New Hampshire then started running for office, adding all the stupid taxes that drove them out of MA. Tax-happy people don't belong in the US, but we won't be the US much longer even if we retain the name, flag and other stuff. Once we operate like France, the dream of freedom is over. So the Liberal elite increase taxes too much for their own comfort, then leave and do it to other people.
I think it's more in how they played the game. Romney's popularity in most States is irrelevant; only about 6 swing states mattered. Two years ago the Republicans should have polled their candidates in OH, FL, VA, and WI to see which would have the best shot. A GOP who can't win those states can't win the election-period. The most moral person does not always win a chess game; the better chess player almost always wins a chess game. An election is a game, and the Romney team could not deliver the swing states.
Your teen idols couldn't balance a checkbook to save their lives. Fortunately for them, no experience, education or talent is required to trick people in the ultimate sales job: election for president. His election weasels beat the other election weasels. Your Lord God King in the White House had less experience than any other in history- and it shows. He stole money from taxpayers to fund Solyndra and get contributions back from those thieves, wasted taxpayer money on GM for Union benefit only, and is bankrupting social security.
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