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Milton Friedman suggested this policy years ago; he was hardly a lame brained Leftist. Why don't all people go on welfare now? Because most people prefer to work. Think of all the waste and fraud that is inherent with hiring government workers to apply government benefits to people. The costs are huge! By applying "Negative Taxation", everyone gets a minimum and there are no government bureaucracies anymore. SNAP, EBT, Welfare, Disability, Medicaid & Medicare (to some extent) would all be gone, and the savings would be impressive. We're paying the 47%ers anyway, why not do it cheaply?
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firefox26 Wrote: Jul 02, 2014 5:21 AM
While I agree the Ex-Im Bank should not exist, as long as Airbus enjoys its own version of loan assistance from Europe, we have no choice but to combat that with our own. When Europe cuts it out, we should too.
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