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Is France about to Change Course?

firefight Wrote: Apr 03, 2014 1:22 PM
It takes a real moron to want to emulate a country where they, if it were not for us and the allies, would not be speaking Frecnch at all. Remember Normandy. No Frenchman standing anywhere there asking to see your passport.
Where does it end. THIS is what we get every time we have Progressive Liberals in charge. And I DON'T mean Democrats only. Many Republicans are equally stupid. I'm wondering when it will be mandatory to be gay and to smoke pot.
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One Brave Doctor Stands Up to Obamacare

firefight Wrote: Feb 04, 2014 6:02 PM
Our Constitution explicitly directs us to NOT obey any law which is in any way contrary to or infringes on any part of our Constitution or Bill of Rights. Virtually everything this administration has done in the past six years does both. We can practice civil disobedience until the cows come home but what we really need is the one thing that will get the attention of every one of these Bill Ayers loving commies and that is arrests with charges of treason followed by a swift trial and a speedy conclusion that conviction. America IS being transformed by Obama and his troops and we need to stop them. Perhaps every state can pass its own law stating that it will not follow or enforce any laws enacted by this administration that go against the will of the majority of the population of each state and they will certainly NOT obey any laws that this president passes by Executive Order.
Her blitzing and sacking hasn't enen begun yet and just wait until the pummeling starts. This POS has way more coming to her than she knows and she deserves every bit of it.
DSMike, Exactly where do you get the idea that Tebow's talent is questionable? He's not a "diamond in the rough" even. He brings a higher level of talent to the table than most first round picks. Have you ever played football? Do you even watch the game? Have you ever watched Tebow play? Good Lord, he's one of the few quarterbacks that actually isn't afraid to run the ball and I don't mean to the sideline.
Your war is not going unnoticed. I was just in Valle de Bravo and the people there arre talking about you and the fight you are waging against the cartels. We admire you and we support you. Freedom is not free. Many will die before you finally have what you deserve and desire for you families and your future generations. Know this. There are people all over this planet who are arming up to do exactly what you are doing right now. Keep the faith and keep up the good work.
You need to know more about the political landscape in Mexico. Nieto and his people are about as popular in Mexico as Obama is here. He will allow the civilians to do the job of his police and military and then he will go in and try to disarm them. many of these people will die fighting the cartels and Nieto doesn't care. He is part of the party tht held control of the people of Mexico for 75 years and ran everything into poverty. The opposing party regained control for 12 years and things prospered then in this last election, he gave the poor people prepaid phone cards and 300 pesos for them to vote for him. Soiund familiar? Now he and his liberal party are in control and the average person pays 36% of their annual income to the government. Even the very poor.
I think digital camo for our athlete's uniforms would be most appropriate since Sochi is going to be a potential war zone. What do you think? Nothing like giving it your best in the pipe with suicide bombs going off all around you. Would that be called external motivation?
Roger that. Just like he and Hillary did for our folks in Benghazi. Thank God all of them made it out...........Right?
Well, isn't this just so F__ing terriffic. Our wonderful government is telling us to express pride in our country by wearing team USA apparel could get us killed. WOW! We've come so far since electing Barack "MUSLIM" Husein Obama as our fearless leader. And, just who are we afraid of and just who has placed us into this place where we cower in fear of them? MUSLIMS! That's who. We now have thousands if not millions of them now living in our country and our government has been bringing them into this country past TSA as refugees from Syria and other Muslim nations. No Ellis Island for these people and why? Because they, Like Barack "MUSLIM" Husein Obama are Muslims and their religion is Islam. The enemy is being brought into our country and we are doing nothing about it. Congress, the Senate and every level of politics right down to our local town Mayors are doing NOTHING about it. We, the people, need to do a serious house cleaning when we can't even wear our colors in another country.
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