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Understand this.......ISIS is here in our country because the government that you and I pay our taxes to has decided to NOT close our borders and protect US, the taxpayers. How do you think we should handle this situation? MY soulution is to stop paying taxes altogether and take up arms along our borders and start shooting, BTW, I just heard that suppressors on firearms are now legal in Arizona. Without the loud report from the rifle, they won't know where the shot came from. NICE!
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Deport the Tsarnaev Sisters

firefight Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 1:58 PM
Your tax dollars hard at work. Thank you Barry.
Anyone who voted for this POS is just as bad. See what you get when you let a bunch of half blacks run the show? Don't you know your riding on the Libertard express?
We are engaged in a fight with an evil opponent. WE understand that there are rules and we strive to follow those rules in everything we do in our daily lives. Only one problem here. Our opponent doesn't care about the rules that you and I are following and live by. He ignores them, defies them, breaks them and uses them against us and to his advantage to further destroy all that is sacred and good. His mission, to claim more authority over our lives dictates his path and his objectives are all that matters to him. How he accomplishes those objectives justifies the damage he causes to our lives in the process. WE are irrelevant to him and his ultimate goals. Therefore, we must adopt a much different stance in order to defeat him. We must do the same to him that he does to us. We must ignore him, defy him and break his rules as much as we can. We must at every turn criticize him belittle him and deny him his wishes. He must be treated as a spoiled child and ultimately, he must be punished.
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Should The U.S. Declare War On ISIS?

firefight Wrote: Aug 23, 2014 9:37 AM
Seems to me that everyone here agrees that ISIS has already declared war on us. With the beheading of photojournalist, Foley, that, to me, seals he deal. We have the means to inhilate al of them. Are we going to allow crooked politicians like Harry Reid to stand in or way? That is the question. His concern is NOT for the safety of Americans but only for the reputation of his Democrat party. That, in and of itself, cleary makes him a traitor to this country. I say, let the drones fly until these rag heads are no more. Bury their remains in shallow graves along with the entrails and blood of slaughtered pigs. I think THAT message will get through to them. The beheading of an innocent man exemplifies their cowardice. THEY are cowards. Foley was merely doing his job reporting to the rest of the world what was going on over there. The price for that was his life, On his knees, bent over, unarmed, being held by multiple cowards while one of them swung the sword to sever his head. THAT is what happened. For that, all of them deserve the shallow grave I described above.
Let's see now. A community organizer and a coward. What could possibly go wrong?
Not at all surprised. This is what Liberals do best......turn and run when the water gets hot. Looks like there's no balls in Washington when we need them. Just a no good community organizer and chicken out SwiftBoater. The rest of them are thieves and liars as well. THIS is what we get when we allow uneducated, uninformed and illiterate people to vote.
I don't want to end up having to learn any kind of Muslim dialect. So, I choose to learn self defense. We will never convince other nations that aggression is wrong. Too many petty dictators who are intoxicated by power.......like the one in the White House right now.
Let's say you own a property of about 10 acres and on that property you discover that you have rattlesnakes. You manage to catch 5 of the critters and you have them cooped up in a cage when along comes a "snake expert" who tells you that they are harmless and you should release them. What does your common sense tell you to do? THAT folks is what we have here and in this case, the snake expert is a total moron.
Very interesting. We have a Navy Seal locked up in a prison in Mexico where NOTHING is being done to get him back and the Obama administration trades 5 Taliban commanders for one deserter. Does any of this smell like another Obama scandal? Does it cause any of us to think that this administration is honoring traitors and punishing our loyal soldiers? And, just like Hillary saying, "what does it matter?" We have Susan Rice saying, "that is not the point>" Sorry Ms. Rice, it is EXACTLY the point.
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