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Lets get this poor abused man a good job righ here in the U.S.A.. How about a job as an intern for Obama. I'm sure they will get along marvalously.
Consider the possibility that Eddie Rae might have become a sympathizer while in country. ISIS and Al Quaeda as well as meny other Islamic groups have access to the internet and they are actively recruiting sympathetically inclined individuals. Look at how he looked with the full beard in that one photo. Not to make a total judgement, but ask yourself why a US Marine would want to look like a radical Muslim in the first place. Personally, I did NOT see one of our proud Marines in that photo.
Those of us who have been in combat can see the personalities of our contemporaries and we learn early on who we have to watch more closely in the field. Not all soldiers get killed by the enemy in a time of war. Take a minute and digest that. When Chris stated that "this guy is staight up nuts," he was telling Chad that they had better keep a close eye on Eddie Rae. Too late for that and they both paid the price when he shot them both in the back. Eddie Rae deserves the death penalty and his lawyers deserve whatever God deems appropriate for their trying to dismiss his actions.
You make some good points and a solid arguement here. Eddie Rae definitely had some issues but he is not insane nor does he have PTSD. His inability to cope with reality has been seeded within him over his entire life. His impulsive choice to end two lives stems from something much different from PTSD and he definitely needed some help somewhere back down the line.......BUT, I firmly believe he was totally with knowlege of what he was doing and what he had done after snuffing the lives of Chris Kyle and his good friend Chad Littlefield. Eddie Rae Routh is a murderer, plain and simple and he should be trreated as such. BTW, this dog and pony show is exactly why I have a disdain for lawyers.
Try this one. Google the question, "How many past Presidents of the United States have NOT had a college degree?" And, "How many successful Businessmen in the United States do NOT have a college education?" I can think of 10 past Presidents who did not have a college degree starting with our founding president, George Washington right up to the president who ended the second world war, Harry S. Truman. As for successful busienessmen who did not have a college degree, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs head my list but, there are more. There's Matt Mullenweg who started WorldPress which now powerw 16% of the web. How about Arash Ferdowski who is a co-founder of DropBox which is now worth and estimated 4 billion dollars. The list goes on and on. Still, it's interesting to me how the liberal media takes something as trivial as a perons level of education and tries to turn it into something that makes it look like he's a nobody. Today, I am one of those college dropouts that the liberal media is mocking who has a very successful business and I fly my own personal airplane from my beautiful home just minutes from Aspen to my other home in Lake Havasu City on a regular basis. And, I am far from the top of those others who have left college because it just wasn't giving them what They needed to achieve THEIR dreams. To many of us, a college education was not only a waste of time, but an unnecessary expense.
I think he needs to make another trip down to his local McDonalds for a super size meal.
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The War Against Radical Islam

firefight Wrote: Jan 29, 2015 9:51 AM
In his vast world travels, Marco Polo made this observation about Muslims. "The radical Muslim is the one who will behead you while the moderate Muslim is the one who will hold your feet while the radical Muslim beheads you." At this poiont, Imy level of trust for Muslims is about the same as my trust for Obama.
Im not at all surprised. Obama DID NOT send the wrong message. His message was quite on target. HE IS A MUSLIM SYMPATHIZER. He supports the Muslim Brotherhood and was quite possibly happy to see the attack in Paris. This response is NOT and should NOT be surprising to anyone who knows anything at all about Obama and his past history. Wake up America and the world. Obama is a Muslim.
The only problem is that all the racist, black and white, in Ferguson won't let this thing pass. They will use it in every way possible to make it into something it is not. The Grand Jury found absolutely NO evidence that officer Darren Wilson, in any, violated Michael Brown's rights. Why can't these liberal idiots get that? All of them should be jailed for their stupid racist actions.
Are you joking? Holder is the author of Fast & Furious. That botched operation was intended to make gun shop owners out to be criminals as a way to get the public to demand more gun control. It never has been anything but a government created red flag to further dupe the American public into believing that the government was trying to clean up bad gun dealers when all along it was the lawlessness of Holder and his DOJ that were dealing the guns directly to the drug cartels. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL, NOT GOOD GUN DEALERS. Holder IS a criminal and he has been getting away with it because HE is the same color as the President.
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