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Petraeus Betrayed his Country Before he Betrayed his Wife

Fire_Ready Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 8:30 PM
Second guessing after the fact sure is easy. I didn’t agree with some of the GWB policies, but going into Iraq I agreed with. The trouble was that the American public to forgot the 9/11/01 attacks by that time. I did NOT forget. Every terrorist that died in Iraq never made it to our shores. Iraq was the magnet for the terrorists of all stripes. I call it the ‘honey theory’ and our troops crushed them in Iraq. That was a good thing for America’s security.

Was David Petraeus as great a general as the write-ups of his downfall routinely claim? This is a provocative question that I will begin to answer with another question: Did America prevail in the Iraq War? I suspect few would say "yes" and believe it, which is no reflection on the valor and sacrifice of the American and allied troops who fought there. On the contrary, it was the vaunted strategy of the two-step Petraeus "surge" that was the blueprint of failure.

While U.S. troops carried out Part One successfully by fighting to establish basic security, the "trust" and "political reconciliation" that...