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G.W. was MIA

Fire_Ready Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 7:59 AM
The elite Republican establishment types threw W under the bus believing distancing McCain would win by default by bashing Bush. Same philosophy applied this time. The establishment Republicans blew it both times. George W won twice, establishment Republicans lost twice by scapegoating him. Maybe they need to realize that it wasn't a good idea the first time. What was the definition of insanity? The Republicans should never have abandoned Bush. The elite Republican establishment 'king makers' are rigidly moderate and afraid to defend conservative values because they believe moderation is the Holy Grail to winning elections. They have been proven wrong. They are as rigidly blind as the liberal mainstream media. Bland loses.
Democrats have been blaming George W. Bush for the last four years.

Now I think it's time for Republicans to start blaming George W. for the next four years.

For a week we've been pinning last week's debacle on everything from Mitt Romney's moderation to low Republican turnout.

But the most important Republican who didn't turn out to support Romney this fall was George W. Bush.

You can make an honest argument that G.W. was as much to blame as anyone else for our being unable to defeat an incompetent incumbent of historic...
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