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What Now?

FinalRac Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 4:06 PM
Suggestion to Mitt: allow Paul to campaign on his own in the MW and FWest. He is young and actually could hold his own on college campuses. Then allow some surrogates go to the East Coast and try to explain eco. to the Eastern moderates who might actually finally admit that they made a mistake in 2008 . Campaigning together is a waste of manpower. And AL, the reason people are talking about Clint is because he made common sense points to plain speaking people and the doofus voter like you could never deal with facts so why bother with your ilk?LOL
The Republican National Convention was a great success -- yes, even the "performance art" by Clint Eastwood (it must have gotten under the President's skin -- or polled well -- to elicit such a defensive response from The White House).

So what now?

Romney/Ryan Supporters:

FIRST: Before election day, go to your Facebook page and post video of whatever parts of the convention appealed to you most -- whether it was the speech by Ann Romney, or