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Obama's War on Women Continues with His War on Jobs

FinalRac Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 2:16 PM
But in reality, the MSM has turned all of John's points upside down. And so Bama has made the same charges work since his poll numbers show it. With so much division in the Pub, conservs, Estab., Obama is using the real truth to con voters and for females, minorities , it is working. So, now that Rick is out, will Mitt now finally turn right to make sure he has a united party? If he does not, then Obama is a winner without a doubt. Unless the conservs swallow their frustration, and unite with Libertarians, Reagan Dems, TEAS, amd yes with the Mitt types, then we will have another Reid Senate and Obama presidency. Newt is still left but that is the end there. I will support Mitt because I will not at any time ever waste my vote .

If you want to help women’s “health” in this country then the best thing you can do is make sure that the U.S. has a vibrant economy, centered on good-paying jobs.

Lost in the record-breaking regulatory hurdles that Obama has put in the way of our economy, this basic truth seems to be a principle that the administration is anxious not to talk about.

For good reason, too.

The number one enemy of women’s health is a poor economy, and when it comes to the economy, Democrats are responsible for the worst recovery since the Great Depression. For all...