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NRA Vows to "Stand and Fight"

FinalRac Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 12:18 PM
The King is standing against.,...... the people. At my age of 74, never shot a gun but a member of the NRA, I hope Americans not only buy guns and ammo but decide to join together in safety groups to protect their housing areas. If this evil Admin. wanted to really stop gun violence, it would take on all the minority gangs that terrorize all Americans , especially the minorities they claim to represent. And then go after the Islamist communities such as in Mi. where guns and guards and secrecy reign and local authorities live in fear. Too PC to do it , huh? Liberals are such hypocrites.

The National Rifle Association has launched a "Stand and Fight" campaign against the Obama administration, the media and gun control. The video below speaks for itself.