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Memo to the Speaker and the GOP Caucus

FinalRac Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 3:00 PM
Absolutely correct Hugh. Wow. To see you in realville is astonishing. Finally, blast the GOP for their dunderhead negotiating with a .....tyrant who will not treat common sense as feasible. So, no matter what happens, the Pubs will be blamed now by the 51% moron vote. And make no mistake, these cretins now rule America.. It is tax and spend with no boundaries and make no mistake either: these same morons would not only break the Const. on the 2nd Amend. but on the 22nd too so that Bama could run for a 3rd term. For too long, the Center Right thought that the TEAS, conservs, Talk Radio was really off center but frankly they have been spot on. The DNC, liberals, MSM are now the enemies of liberty , freedom , common sense , amorality.

Many of you are preparing to break your word to your supporters and vote to raise taxes.

You have talked yourselves into believing that there is no choice. You fear the voters’ wrath because the MSM tells you a failure to reach a deal with the president will produce that wrath. This is the MSM we all know is so fair and disinterested on such things.

You are inventing more and more desperate ruses to try and cover your actions. The latest is “Plan B,” which is in your view just a small breaking of your word.

Because “Plan B” is...