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It’s Not “Game Over”— It’s Time for the GOP to Counterattack

FinalRac Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 7:21 PM
I want Kurt to be right but he is not. Except for TEA type Pubs, there are not leaders in the opposition to stop the leftist tyrannical progressive Dems on any issue. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Steve King, Sen. Sessions, have the gall to do it but the MSM already undermines their cred. The regular DC elites RINO Pub leadership are a bunch of pansies who would not take a stand on any issues which might have aided Pub election hopes. Whether it was Benghazi, Iran, immigration, taxes,regs, or Obamacare, the educational effort to convince the Moron Vote not to vote Dem never made it off the ground. Why would it now????

The current state of the GOP brings to mind the surviving Marines in Aliens, with no shortage of demoralized hacks lamenting their inability to resist by channeling Private Hudson: “Maybe you haven't been keeping up on current events but we just got our a**** kicked, pal!”

So what? So we took a hit on the Fiscal Cliff. Stand up, brush off and get back into the fight. This is no time for self-pity, no time for weakness. Every combat leader knows that when you take a hit, you regroup, reorganize, and prepare to counterattack. The defense is but a temporary,...