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CPAC Continues to Receive Criticism for Lack of Inclusion

FinalRac Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 11:26 AM
CPAC is for....conserv input. Now, if this were the official base of the GOP, which perhaps it should be instead of some RINO org., then I could see having all wings of the Party have input. Why would one go to hear....some liberal??? It would not help the GOP cause except in a precinct or two where the party needs a Center-Left candidate to actually compete. But, not inviting say Chris Matthews hurts no one. Not inviting Charlie Crist is understandable even when he was a supposed Pub. Anyone who is Center Right and wants to aid the Party cause and its principles, should be invited. Otherwise, what is the use???
Robin311 Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 11:30 AM
Words and actions don't always match. Groups can say that they support specific principles and then by their actions betray what they say they support. Like groups that say they support "limited government" yet want to use government to expand their "rights and liberties" and the cost of undermining the rule of law, or limiting the rights and freedoms of others.

With CPAC just a little over two weeks away, a new story has popped up about groups being excluded. As many of us know the group GOProud and speakers like Chris Christie have not been invited to join the Conservative Political Action Conference. The American Conservative Union (ACU), that runs the conference has now created a new line in the sand with the new panel discussion they announced on Friday.

After all the controversy over some of the speakers removing themselves from the conference because GOProud would not be there, the ACU has now announced several political leaders will take part...