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Other races seem to be OK for Pubs and conservs: in Fla., in Colo. in the guv race, Lankford in OK and a nice race in NY where the lib Pub just defeated a newcomer lady conserv. Pubs keep that seat anyhow with no Dem competition. The real push is in Nov. If conservs , Evangelicals, Teas stay at home, America loses. Period.
Where is our Muslim Prez standing up for fair , loving, multicultural, multi-religious dissenters like this fine Christian lady? He could wave his arrogant finger and get this lady, our Sgt. in Mexico, the pastor in Iran free. Why does he not do it? Oh wait, he is a loving Muslim who...................Yikes.
This Harf dame must have gone to school for snarkiness, arrogance and lying at The Lerner-Obama-Hillary University. All Dem libs need that degree to scam American voters. It must work because daily, we see so many corrupt lawless Bama agency, Cabinet, spokespeople who look like superb grads of said school!
Mr. Kos is as corrupt as Holder, Obama, Reid, Pelosi and of course,the arrogant Lerner. Along with the Obama perped illegal flooding of America, all the other 8 scandals, this is now like living in a tin pot dictatorship ala Latin America, Africa or Asia.
Not due to our gutless Adm. , Hil, Kerry, Biden or Obama. Due to God's grace. Now please get this wonderful female Christian hero out of the hell hole that is Sudan. Not one of these Islamic sharia, jihadist states is worth calling civilized.
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3 Ways God Responds To Wicked Leaders

FinalRac Wrote: Jun 22, 2014 8:31 PM
Love the column. But, frankly I would love to see a horde of Pattons and MacArthur types raining bombs down on the varied Islamofascists . Then I would like to see people with the brave-hearts of the 1/3 of the colonists who had to face the 2/3 of the dunces, the Low Info Voters of their day ramp up a massive voting blast to oust as many Dems as possible. The facts are that God took 80 yrs. to get the USSR, 13 yrs to get the Nazis with our military prominent, and we haven't done so good since on the battlefield and Doug, LBJ, Carter, Clinton , and Obama have been elected . Waiting for Godot is tough when the historical trends seem to be telescoping faster and faster into an evil vortex. I do agree that no Rapture will occur to save us so it will be up to faithful prayers and warriors to keep on keeping on till Jesus finally does Come Again.
In Nov., any American voter who elects and rewards a Dem Rep. or US Senator is simply insane. Time to sweep these socialist anti-Americans out of both Houses of Congress and for heaven's sakes, stop this wailing for the FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT. She would just finish off our Republic. And borders would look like...the EU ones with Muslims invading daily. Enough.
Who cares? The winner will be just a clone for Obama and gyp his own district voters.........again.
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Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Legs

FinalRac Wrote: Jun 21, 2014 3:21 PM
This is I left the USAPresbyies and became an independent Christian minister. These Mainline denominations remind one more of a Govt. agency than anything looking like ministries to the lost, dying, hurting world of sin that the Gospel needs to touch and Christ and the Biblical admonitions need to be the center of love and discipleship and trust(reliance, faith, belief) in.
For now two days in a row, Boehner has been correct on domestic issues where Obama if to blame. Here he wants the national guard to go to the Borders. He is correct and all border states should do it now. Close off ALL immigration,legal or not. There is no need to flood ICE or DHS or the border states just because the US Chamber, billionaires, and Dem dopes such as Obama want. We are being invaded and it has to stop for all citizens and their housing, public safety, health safety, gang problems, and kids roaming the streets. Enough.
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Obama Losers

FinalRac Wrote: Jun 21, 2014 2:37 PM
A fine succinct article that the GOP should use in both the Nov election cycle as well as 2016. The Obama Low Info Voter has to finally be educated with facts not emotions or lies and this is a good place to start.
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