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The recent black thug attacks on police, the loss of Iraq, Afghan., and now Cuba to common sense seems to have a lot of leftist hate speech going around. The IRS and Lerner surely hated conservs and Christians and TEAS. Yep, the Left is based on some type of hate and anti-morality. But when the MSM is part of the gang, then many Americans do not see this since they are viewing The View, The Voice or Kim and ladies.
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The GOP's Christmas Gift to Obama: Coal

FinalRac Wrote: Dec 24, 2014 12:56 PM
The coal producing states should never never never elect another Dem in upcoming elections. WVA, KENT., Pa.,Va.,other areas of Ohio , Mi., et al. Dems hate our huge energy supplies: gas, oil, coal. Forget those nutters and produce like North Dakota on all these resources and we will overcome our losses to China, Iran, and Russia.
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The Worst Sin

FinalRac Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 1:55 PM
And Dennis, for now at least 6 decades, liberals and progressives break all the Commandments and CELEBRATE it. All of them, and I mean all, want to destroy our American heritage, history and values.
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Crystal Ball 2015

FinalRac Wrote: Dec 22, 2014 2:04 PM
No. 1 is the one Steve I put down for my comments in the last few weeks on many blogs. One conserv candidate where we stop wasting time on Carson,Santorum et al , not because they are not neat but they cannot win. So one choice will be the best choice and we all swallow for the conserv chosen and defeat the Hil-Joe-Warren ilk.
Our military has been gutted by this Quisling in the WH. The media has supported him as have leftist university profs. No one trusts this hapless leader and they should not. The quicker these two years are over, the better and please no more progressive liberal leftist leaders. They all hate America and all fail to protect legal Americans.
Oh joy. Another leftist Dem with no new ideas but the stale old ones on the New Deal , the Progressive govt. tyranny. Stop the idea that females DESERVE elections because they are females. The same with minorities. Voters want people polka dotted if they have solid America ideas on business, protection of America, our borders, lower spending and taxes by the dopes in DC. And pray for an end of PC baloney. It is killing all Americans- intellectually, spiritually and civilly.
The entire Left, university profs, the MSM, mayors, race pimps, Holder and Bama are all to blame for rationalizing black thug behavior year after years, incident after incident. Cops are not out on a killing spree of blacks. That lie is being perped daily. It is from the Pit. When blacks finally realize that only civilized behavior, and the police are keeping them anywhere safe from the barbarians, then we can speak of conciliation.
The Mayor bears some responsibility. No media people will point that out. Except of course some conserv ones.
Was this a civilized black marcher just taking care of his, her 1st amend. rights. ? Al and Jesse will alert the media.
The brainwashing that lib teachers have done over the last 6 decades has all but destroyed our culture, heritage, history and values. Yutes are not only amoral but stupid to boot. Oh not in texting, or sci-type ideas, or even so called creativity. But , in common sense, values that have aided our society for 200 years and surely, a love for the freedom, Constitution of our Republic. In fact, too many of them are dunces. We now call them , Low Info Voters.
If she bows to Boehner, then so what? If not, then she should belong to the....conserv Caucus.
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