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Why would Kent. choose another Bama clone? Just what can she bring to Kent? or America? Just another liberal Moral Idiot.
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Almost Half of America on Welfare

FinalRac Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 11:36 AM
The answer: stop electing local, state and federal Dems. Start electing conserv Pubs and a conserv Prez along with conserv gus. No Dem will ever make this a free nation again. NONE.
It will take a Pub Congress and Prez to stop these socialist pieces of baloney.
Means nada to the Moral Idiots , Dems et al who vote in Ca The more corrupt, the more votes these liberal Dems get. Ca. is the blueprint for liberal horrors as well as Chicago, NYC, Detroit et al. Nope. In fact , crimes simply build resumes for Dems;.
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Sen. Pryor's Gutsy Pro-Obamacare Ad

FinalRac Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 6:54 PM
There are alot of moron voters in the USA. An and with empathy could make said voters forget the fact that Pryor has supported ALL of Obama's disasters. Tom Cotton should not allow the voters in ARK. to forget that.
As in NH, voters must be told that any vote for a Dem would simply prop up the horrid domestic and international policies promoted by Bama, Hil, Kerry, Holder, Reid, Pelosi. Why do that when our nation is collapsing into chaos and the last 6 yrs of liberalism is the cause of lots of this mess. Adult Americans just don't elect Dems. Wouldn't be prudent.
Oh for heaven'ssake. Voters just must elect the Pub opponents of these two dames. They , if elected, would simply support all the Obama failures for America. Enough.
Dems lie, cheat and meddle in every event which can bring chaos and division: see Ferguson, see every primary in which Pubs seem to have an advantage. See Holder today. On it goes to rile up the Dem base to come out and support.....even more corruption. Voters should just vote against every Dem anywhere.
This entire black apparatus in the Obama Adm. is simply part of the Justice Brothers ' view that America's whites should be punished for history.This ManChild was a thug as many of these so called innocents are. But it is not PC to say or write it.So the Moral Idiots that make up so many of these communities riot and the media then absolves them of any responsibility.It is pure evil put in practice in the name of so called tolerance.
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Trampling on Coal Country Families

FinalRac Wrote: Aug 16, 2014 4:33 PM
Every coal centered community :Pa., Va., WVA,Kent, wherever, should vote every Dem rep out of office in Nov. Tell Bama that was the result of his anti-energy, anti-free enterprise thuggery in attacking legit energy industries, not signing Keystone,ANWR, and not supporting the ND energy experience. The faux CIC hates America. Period.
Good plan but....the DC establishment will have to stop shooting their own: Indies, Libertarians, TEAS and Evangelicals. If they do, the GOP will be competitive nationally.
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