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Obama: I'll act on my own on immigration

FinalRac Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 4:19 PM
The lawless naif in the WH does not want to deport ; he wants the GOP to take the hit ....against the KIDS. Yep, lib Dems always stand for kids as they murder them in the womb. And the invasion of American borders by aliens, is Bama's prodding anyhow/ What a tyrant.
Dems always lie and especially about the CHILDREN. Whether it is America's kids or aliens. They blame the Pubs for something that legally, the Pubs never have enough power to affect. See the new invasion that Obama and the Dem foisted on America ala Honduras, Mexico, El Salvador. This is simply madness. No common sense voter should vote Dem. It poisons America.
I suggest, that since Bama and the Dems in local,state and federal offices foisted upon America this illegal invasion and immigration crisis, that they , yes they be asked to pay for all of these miscreants.
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Benghazi and Hillary

FinalRac Wrote: Jun 29, 2014 4:47 PM
I am innocent. Trust me with ....the Presidency.
The NYSlimes and Krug told us today, it is all working fine. Yep. It and he did. And that 8 million now signed up will get it renewed by Oct. That is what it said; really really really. And we all bow down to the NYTimes. Right?
Liberal Dems are simply Quislings and the media is aghast that anyone wound blame their lack of patriotism. Yikes..
I always vote for the most conserv in a primary. I live in the soviet republic of Ca. We are doomed there so I support the Pubs because it is a one party state. The Pubs must, must win the Senate in Nov.The trend of tyranny is so strong nowadays dealt to us by the Quisling Dems, that another wipe out in 2016, and America is really done. The illegals invading the nation, perped by the Dems alone is worse than even a Mitch or Thad. Still, I just donated to Joni and Tom in their attempts to take seats away from the Demrats. Still, money talks in elections and my dough goes to the conserv upstarts like Cassidy in La. , Cotton in Ark. et al. How 'bout you guys?
This Lawless Adm. is perping these radicals and it is outrageous that America is being blackmailed by 3rd world tin pot tyrannies to take their overflow. Murrieta, Ca. today is having hundreds dumped on them and then let go. Criminal indeed. Time to end immigration for a time, secure the borders and stop illegals from destroying our society illegally .
Rotten Reid does it again. No votes in the Senate so the Dems do not have to make votes that could be used in ads for the Nov. election.Just a sweet guy.
The evil of this man puts him in Dante's Inferno. Mn. made money for the DNC via Bama but the seat is Franken's not Bama. Voters have to realize that Franken is just another Obama ploy in the 10 scandals and will always support him even when he disappears in DC when the Prez visits his home ground.
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The 'Obama Brand' in Crisis

FinalRac Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 3:29 PM
Will the pro American, anti lib voters come out in Nov That is the only question. Or will the Moron Voters of the Blue types still out vote a split GOP?
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