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We Have a Moral Divide, Not a Racial One

FinalRac Wrote: 5 hours ago (12:18 AM)
Point on Dennis. But try and get the elites, the university snobs, communists, the MSM to admit this. The same Moral Idiots who applaud Brown, Martin and Al and Jesse wantonly destroy minority businesses in a celebratory time instead of dealing with all the black dysfunctions that could change some of these people from savages to common sense black Americans who already have succeeded in America because they are smart, good common sense citizens who do the right thing, as Spike Lee might have once said.
Black radicals, race pimps like the MSM outlets, Al, Obama, Holder had their heads handed to them so they pouted and...encouraged riots. The uncivilized blacks outnumbered the common sense blacks so the radical Know Nothings burned down 12 stores, mostly minority owned. What geniuses! Until blacks deal with their own dysfunctions, they will be inundated with these uncivilized blacks and their perps.
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Why Do Leftist Liberals Love to Mislead

FinalRac Wrote: Nov 23, 2014 8:39 PM
It is called sin Mike. LIes, hate, denying the Biblical God to be PC, socialist claptrap, all fits into their anti-American anti-history, anti-heritage and anti-values agenda. They are unreconstructed sinners from the Pit. They will huff and puff about this but when one acts like Alinsky, Marx, Marshall, Henry Wallace, Alger Hiss, you have what is today's modern Dem Party. And their voters continue to be Moral Idiots who have itching ears to accept .....balderdash.
If voters go nuts again, and vote for ...the first female, then the USA is really doomed. Her ideology is almost as bad as Bama and his ilk. Just what would she bring to domestic and international affairs that would protect America not the DEM Party?? Not much . Just another crazed liberal who wants America to be second rate so we can still be PC and not offend ...Iran, Russia, China and anyone else who wants to pick off the USED TO BE GREAT BUT FELL UNDER OBAMA.
Perhaps a secret cabal can kidnap these miscreants and sell them on the Mexican black market. Berkeley pupils probably make fine slaves for the underclasses. They love them oh so much.
Buy your own guns and shoot looters . See if the DOJ can go after you when the cartels support the illegals going across our border towns. This man and his Party are simply demonic and evil. America is going to be transformed into a soviet 3rd world state and Americans will wonder, how did a skinny black guy from Ill. do all of this!
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LA Poll: Landrieu in Deep, Deep Trouble

FinalRac Wrote: Nov 19, 2014 7:38 PM
Was she invited to the illegal immigration dinner by Bama tonight? Oh and the media should name all 18 Dems going so in 2016, people will remember who to vote against.
The GOP should defund every Obama plan. Immediately in Jan. when they come to power. Every one of them. Let him and Holder try to enforce his rotten imperial plans by their alliance with Rev. Al!!
Pubs who stand for amnesty should be flooded with mail, calls and one to the Speaker to punish those Pubs like Rogers. He should , yes, be threatened if he continues since he is now against a huge majority of Americans.
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Neutering Religious Holidays

FinalRac Wrote: Nov 18, 2014 3:26 PM
The people who love America, our heritage, history and......VALUES will simply ignore the media, the libs, the secularists and celebrate both Thanksgiving .....to God for the bravery of our first founders et al and then Dec. Advent to lead up to the birth of the God-savior-King of the Universe, Jesus Christ. What the media, Islam or any other religion thinks about this is of no consequence except for us who celebrate, to join us in the truth of said celebrations.
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