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Too bad Israel cannot use small tactical nuke weapons to drop on all Hamas, Al Q, Hez. camps. Then they can cry out to the world, OK we will follow the law like ....Prez Obama does!!
Only the Pubs , the Stupid Party, could think Dems would want a fair answer like securing the borders, stopping immigration period for a few years, following the laws already on the books. Most Americans want illegals gone , period. These dunces in DC think we all sit around waiting for Godot or should I say, Jurarez . We don't.
Please Bibi, do not be swayed by our media or Bama or Hamas. Destroy them completely . All a truce does is to allow the murdering Islamofascists to rev up again, get ammo and allow the Left to hate Israel. Just keep killing these rats BIbi.
The unemployment rate is never explained by the lefty media either. Nor are the 11 scandals which many affect not only morals, social,, military, and cultural issues but economic ones as well. And leadership??? Bama seems to be at bottom of the barrel on that one even to our so called international allies. All of these affect economic data.
Unless the GOP unites with the Indies, Libertarians, all wings of the party, not attacking the Christians or TEAS, and then supporting all Pubs, they will not be winners. The Moral Idiots who vote Dem always seem to cheat enough to win.
The only way to stop this Dictator is to defund his policies and agendas. It is time for the GOP to finally say Enough and do all they can legally to stop this madman and his treasonous party.
If the GOP doesn't fight this, they are not worthy of votes......It is time for courts, police, ICE to simply get busses and put all of them back over the borders. Simply ignore Obama and the Dems on this. Most Americans simply do not want this invasion. The border crisis is focused on the ineptness and evil of the Obama Adm';s plans that he wanted: a new voting base and empathy for.....law breakers.
The people of Laredo, Murrieta and other SW towns just today are being invaded and need more than fences.They need the National Guard with busses to take every one of these invaders back to the Mexican border;Dump them there and tell them if they come back they will be arrested and put in.....Gitmo.
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Independence in 1776; Dependence in 2014

FinalRac Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 1:55 PM
Great column. It needs to be put in lingo that the Moron Voters might understand. Some voters simply do not understand issues but vote the Party Line and that happens mostly with Dems. So, to make these stats clear could change some hearts and minds. One never knows.
Please teach me ladies. You look like you could defend America against even the Obama death squads that he and Holder put out. LOL Good for the ladies.
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