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Steny Hoyer: We Have a "Paying-For" Problem, Not a Spending Problem

Fil-TX Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 5:59 PM
Hoyer: " We don't have a budget (those obstructing repubs and Bush have kept us from passing one) to guide us thru the "pay for" problem so we'll just to have create a bigger "pay for" problem...oh, wait, we can raise some "pay for" revenue and we can call them "not taxes". 'Cause they'll buy that because of our logic".

Democrats want Americans to know that the federal government does not have a spending problem.  President Obama told John Boehner that our long-term fiscal woes can be chalked up to a "healthcare problem," Nancy Pelosi described the issue as a "budget deficit problem," (which is separate and distinct from a spending problem, evidently), and now the number two Democrat in the House is taking a crack at framing his party's fiscal denialism: