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After the DC school system spent $29,349/student with 84% not being proficient in reading and 82% not proficient in math, you would think that throwing money at a problem without any accountability would finally dawn on the libtards that just spending isn't enough. The only time the libtards respond with a "NO" is when someone asks them if we've spent enough.
Bigot! I guess you think we are not educated, or civilized, run around with one leg shorter because we're just hillbilly's and marry our cousins. It's interesting that people who are retiring don't move North, unless they are stupid like you seem to be.
With Cumming's appointment, the IQ of the demonRats just went down to room temperature. The integrity meter for the whole committee just fell below 50%.
It is NOT vengeance! Government was established and given a sword to PUNISH evil doers.-
ericis1: How about reading in your Bible Romans 13, where government is established "as instruments of God" with the sword to "bring wrath on the ones who practiced evil" ?
For Chucky Todd, all the answers must have been written on the Stone Wall the administration including the State Dept have erected.
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A Dog Whistle to the Left

Fil-TX Wrote: May 15, 2014 11:02 AM
Hear, Hear!
The one thing that stood out from James' article was that he was changed from the inside by Grace. Being regenerated into one of Christ's followers completely changes the mindset. Some people can be reasoned into a conservative view of things, but when your worldview is changed from secular to Theocentric, how you think about things and how you live is completely different.
You must be talking about Alan Grayson, eh?
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A Color Blind(ed) Society

Fil-TX Wrote: May 01, 2014 5:59 PM
Wrong! The Demoncrats are Not devoid of ideas: raise the minimum wage, federal health-care. raising taxes, especially on the "rich", have the IRS hound your adversaries, don't enforce the laws you don't like. The list is rather large. On the other hand, Right: The GOPe are surrender monkeys.....they have losing down to a science.
Not me! They all helped construct this House of Cards(no pun intended) and it can fall down on top of them all. This is going to be fun to watch the DemonCrats sping out of control. They have no idea what to do...lying won't work and that's all they know how to do.
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