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Thought the same thing as I ROFLOL!
Larry Potts of the FBI was in charge of both those operations along with ABTF. What was done about both of those civil rights violations? Potts got promoted instead of prison time.
If you believe this spin and don't purchase the oceanfront property that another commentor is offering, then I have several bridges to sell rather cheap, Would even take EBT cards or even WIC cards.
When J C Penneys transferred their home office to Plano, Texas, there was a popular saying: "We don't care how you did it up North. This is Texas and we do it our way". May that mindset still be present.
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An Open Letter to the Political Right

Fil-TX Wrote: Aug 03, 2014 8:19 AM
In voting the past 51 years, had to hold nose and vote for the likes of Dole, McLame, Romney(who would have been better than The Hussein) etc.. I'm fed up with it. The Rinos promise to change things, shrink govm't, balance the budget and all the things to get conservative votes and then it's business as usual. If the GOPe doesn't forward a real conservative, my vote will go for the most conservative candidate. Did I say I'm tired of the GOPe? No, I don't plan of staying home and not voting because it's my duty as a citizen to do so.
Wondered often how this pile of horse hockey "law" of some 2,300 pages could be written in such a short time period. Hubert "Horatio" Humphrie(as Jimah referred to him) wanted to pass National Health Insurance in 1968, so the dimocrats have wished for something like this for years and years. Well, they've finally got it and it needs to be hung around their necks for years to come.
When we first let the feral government dictate to the business community exactly what their employees should be paid, it was the road down a slippery slope to the mess government keeps creating. Where in the Constitution does say that the feral government has the authority to do so? Just asking.
The federal government's habit of throwing money at problem is the problem. Example: DC schools spent $29,349/per student in 2009/10. Are the students any smarter? They had a 84% proficiency in reading skills and a 81% rate in math. The inside-the-beltway conclusion would be that enough wasn't spent. Accountability is the problem in education and in the administration of the in the VA. Bottom line is that government will never do anything in a efficient manner.
O Godless one, you don't understand the difference between God allowed it and God caused it? More of the evil that this administration has committed will be soon exposed and will be more "Gifts from God"!
Maybe we could arrange treatment at a VA facility, since she loves it some much.
After the DC school system spent $29,349/student with 84% not being proficient in reading and 82% not proficient in math, you would think that throwing money at a problem without any accountability would finally dawn on the libtards that just spending isn't enough. The only time the libtards respond with a "NO" is when someone asks them if we've spent enough.
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