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Investigate Employer Who Filed 37,375 Bad W-2s in One Year

fiddlerMO Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 4:19 PM
It shouldn't be private business job to collect sales tax for the government. When I owned a business I had to not only collect sales tax for the government, but I had to post a bond in order to do it. That, in effect , made me a government employee and tax collector
I have a challenge for members of Congress now vowing that the federal government will enforce the immigration laws in the future if we just let them take the illegal aliens in the United States today and put them on a "pathway to citizenship."

It is this: Investigate the employer who -- according to the Office of the Inspector General of the Social Security Administration (SSA) -- filed 37,375 inaccurate W-2s in tax year 2005. In fact, investigate all employers who have similarly filed massive numbers of bad W-2s.

Forget the employers who filed 100, 200 or even 500 bad W-2s...