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Waltwhite you are a fecal agitator.
Federal Bureau of Intimidation is still at it.
Like the gold price yesterday?
Lol, southern troll that the same thing your hero the killer Hillary said. Why does it matter now referring to benghazi.
Lol, you just can't make this stuff up. I want to see a list of gov officials and law enforcement who are on meds. I bet it is a huge list.
The modern day gestapo have all exploited the murder of children as the basis to take away the 2nd Amendment. The point is that the kinds of weapons used by the criminals is less important than the kinds of psych meds they all were prescribed. Do you remember Noveske? He listed mass shooters and the big pharma companies who produced the meds for these animals. Hours later Noveske was gone. Coincidence? I don't know.
The cesspool of NY accidentally admitted that the psychotic meds are the real reason for the mass shootings.
Usmc Remember that facts mean nothing to these cretins.
Redirection and lies are your only game loiso.
I would think by this time the progs would have figured out that planned parenthood abortions and o'dumbler the Drone Ranger are killing way more people than law abiding citizens. Come on progs, do these kids not count because they are the wrong color?
Loiso Both sides are responsible. But let's be honest progs haven't cleaned up anything. That's another lie.
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