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Their plan is working flawlessly
The end game is more votes and power from the manufactured sympathizers and the alleged victims. The progressive bonus is getting rid of the enemy and the opposition to an issue or some legislation. The progressive left has no moral code or character.
Progressives need division, so if division is not present they must create it.
Make a conservative angry, tell them a lie Make a liberal angry, tell them the truth
The little sheep never get tired of the abuse. As long as they have social media,Hollyweird and sports they are completey dumbed down and defenseless.
A total reeducation is in order. Sarcasm off.
And he is still fundamentally transforming America.
Agreed, Our own gov seems pretty good at propaganda for endless war and police state.
18 trillion in debt and the country focuses on the color of a dress, Grammys, Hollyweird etc. At the end of the day (imo) none of these folks at cpac can fix anything. Maybe they can slow the bleeding for a bit but the handlers are happy with the direction of things for now.
The progs are doing all they can to destroy this guy. He must be doing something right if they Hate him so much.
Neither one has a spine or a conscience. Two wings same old corrupt bird.
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