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I was just thinking and wondering if more Americans have been killed by illegals than have been killed by mooselimbs. Anyone have any numbers?
Splinter groups popped up routinely with the help of the CIA and our gov. Agreed that Hussein and Gadaffi ran things quietly befor our gov terminated them. Now we train and fund the enemy we stay at perpetual war with.
He made that abundantly clear in audacity of Hope.
The new distraction?! Thought you were tired of the old Mike Brown? Get ready for the new one.
And now the new distraction. For those of you who haven't had enough of the old Michael Brown get ready for the new one.
It's astonishing that Jews have been voting for democrats for so many years.
lol I know some idiots in Boston. One of them quickly pointed out to me 2 weeks ago that it's climate change..not global warming now in 2015. It's so easy to brainwash the progressives. Lie..repeat the lie, and tell as many people as often as you can voila a new crop of progressives.
More shiny objects for the sheep.
The name has been ruined since Prescott B.
Their plan is working flawlessly
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