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Governors: 'Obamacare' here to stay

fhutman Wrote: Feb 24, 2014 6:55 AM
Well, didn't obama just magically change the law concerning canceled old policies, for those who lost them due to his healthcare law, with just a stroke of his pen and personnel decree,you remember they had his approval to break his law (until he says no more) by issuing old policies that were "inferior" and not allowed under o'care? Didn't the insurance companies "make it happen" no problem, because obama said do it? It has been done once already so it can be done again, or because it is not an obama decree it will not happen? Question, did you say / think your last statement, "Maybe you might realize it is just not as simple as you think it is, except for the simple minded." when obama did it the first time? The fact is to repeal it will be a process that will take time, appropriate time for the states and insurance industry to recalculate rates and regulations, unlike when obama wanted it done in days to save his @$$. Please think before you insert mindless ramblings, this thing will die in a totally different manner than it was created, people will read it before they kill it.
Not with this administration.
Stop petting the unicorn and come down from your drug induced high, absolutely none of the dems/libs/progs lies you have been fed are actually going to happen (except in the fantasy land you are in). Reality is life will get a lot worse for most Americans the longer these idiot policies continue, you can keep blowing that hopey dopey smoke up your own @ss, just don't do that to any one else.
they still use the British Pound as they did NOT join the European Union common currency scheme (only 17 of the 28 EU countries do).
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Who Shut Down the Government?

fhutman Wrote: Oct 04, 2013 11:04 PM
Same can be said of the democrats in the Senate, they can not expect to shoot down everything the house sends them just because it does not have what they want, and then blame only the repubs for a government shut down.
Good questions. I mean they were all about demanding we treat everyone fairly during the election campaign, right. Where has that demand for fairness gone? It seems only their 1% (or what ever % helped buy their seat in office) should be given better treatment then the people they claim to want to help .
Just when did a CR (continuing resolution) become the norm and a fiscal BUDGET a thing of the past? Oh, yea when Reid controlled the senate and Obama the WH. Maybe when these two are no longer in charge we can actually get back to running the country the way we have for 200 years before these two nitwits.
Yes, they are to pay what was agreed upon prior, however, they are saying that they do not (and the people do not) want to fund anymore money wasting projects in the future, this is what they are requesting you offer up. You know your lower priority items that we can do without and not fund in the future, you dolt. These are the things that they request negotiation on, not the past. They are saying we will not add more to our debt limit just for you to throw THAT money out the window also.It is not really that hard a concept to understand...for most people any way.
Why are you STUCK on the word "grab" when it is the meaning behind the word that counts. Doesn't matter if it is "ban, grab, take, prevent, steal away, make illegal" the meaning behind all of them is to limit you from having what is a constitutional right (2nd amendment"). My observation has been that when a prog knows they have lost the argument,they will find one small bit of the argument to challenge that they just might be able to defend and possibly win. Deflect and redirect, the only thing a prog can do when confronted, challenged and made to defend a losing argument (win at all cost) because the win of a small part of an argument means you win the whole thing, in a progs mind that is.
If they want obamacare so damn bad then GO AFTER EVERYTHING ELSE the repubs want done then send it with obamacare funded for 1 year only. It appears the only thing they really care about is getting obamacare funded, so get everything else the repubs/conservatives are looking for other than defunding or delaying that stupid dem piece of cr@p law, what will they do then, Shut the government down for funding the damn thing?
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