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America's Big Fat Advantage

FHayekJr Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 7:00 PM
I am a big Victor Hanson fan, having read many of his books, so I don't want my message to undercut my fundamental agreement with the thesis he presents. Among the examples VDH uses here, Bezos and Jobs fit somewhat into this profile of 'power elite outsiders.' On the other hand, Bill Gates does not despite his apparent 'oddballness' - brush up on William H Gates Sr. if any skepticism on that. Good piece nonetheless.

For all the Obama-era talk of decline, there is at least one reason why America probably won't, at least not quite yet.

"Peak oil" and our "oil addiction" were supposed to have ensured that we ran out of either gas or the money to buy it. Now, suddenly, we have more gas and oil than ever before. But the key question is: Why do we?

The oil and gas renaissance was brought on by horizontal drilling and fracking that opened up vast new reserves either previously unknown or considered unrecoverable. Both technological breakthroughs were American discoveries, largely brought on by entrepreneurial...