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Democrats’ 1121% Tax Increase

fharcourt Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 8:15 AM
I'm sure cigarettes and related products kill more people than guns. Why don't they just outlaw tobacco and leave our guns alone??
The fact that he was re-elected, plus the fact that Congress never holds him accountable, has completely emboldened him. We've only seen the beginning. It will get progressively worse. This country is unraveling quickly, and the Constitution will be shredded by or before the end of term 2.
Long time fan of Jindal....
You've got that right. Just look at all of the youtube videos by people bragging about being on welfare. I saw 2 yesterday. One was bragging about all of the freebies she receives in CA and said "why would anyone want to work in America? This is what the taxpayer is paying for." The 2nd was of a woman with 15 kids...yep, 15...and said "someone needs to be taking care of these kids. Someone needs to step up and be accountable." Are you kidding me??
Yep. They were just waiting for an excuse to pass some new laws on this. Pathetic.
Well said!
You're exactly right. Somewhere along the way, Congress has gotten the impression we work for them, and they decide what's best for us. They forget they are only there to represent us. Why then did we re-elect over 90% of Congress in the last election? They have the power because we continue to give it to them. With a rating of 11%, 90% of them should have been replaced, not retained.
Keep thinking that.....
I'm one of those 100,000 new members. Should've done it years ago.
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