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You mean the telecommunications, tech and housing bubble under Bush? Oh, that was telecom and tech that burst under Slick Willie before W got through the primary. Housing bubble started in 1999 (Clinton bragging about CRA on YouTube Vids), full speed in 2000 and and you know what, those eight year variable rates kicked in right on time in 2007. Willie and the Hillabeast in a realestate con, who would imagine that?
But they have such fond memories of Soviet shopping circa 1980's. It's better for the collective if you don't have stuff, just enough vodka to drink yourself into the grave as soon as possible.
Solutions like Freddie and Fannie need to be fixed immediately because the Clinton "housing boom " was about to implode the economy or we needed to fix the "entitlements" before they devastate what is left of the economy. Should have heeded the solutions, what is left of American capitalism can't pay for the socialism or Barrys crapitalism.
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The Stuff of Third World Tyrants

FestusScreed Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 11:28 AM
The Marxists feel the need to seize the property of others to fund their dysfunctionalities.
Concerning DPRK SOF soldiers and American female troops, a ROK Ranger told me, "maybe you kill him, maybe you lose, she die".
I am retired military and have taught ground warfare as well as deployed to war zones. The balistic vest alone weighs 35 lbs, weapon and other required equipment adds another 70 pounds or more. Have seen it repeatedly where female troops can't lift me in SABC training wearing nothing but BDUs. Doctrine is written in blood. No double standard, if she passes, she passes, if the social engineers are wrong doctrine should be written in blood not wishful thinking.
Croft has been a waterboy for the Clintons, Obama and dems for a long time. In '92, Hillary sat in his campaign interview and lied through her teeth about Jennifer Flowers. Croft showed up in chaps with a red rubber ball in his mouth and rolled over like the cell block punk that he is. Nothing has changed.
Agreed, we are a might thin in gun ownership even with Barry Soetoro running up gun sales at historic rates.
Review the map, the third world isn't allowed to own firearms. I see it as the U.S.A. is the only first tier nation.
"what difference does it make" She should never have been put in a position demanding critical emergency situation assessment. The troops are taught early in their careers to initiate a SALUTE (Size, Activity, Location, Unit, Time, and Equipment) report. Being that SEALs were on scene, only the most stupid people in the chain of command would wonder if this was a demonstration that got out of control. Her response was also of a criminal justice mentality of response after the fact (collect the bodies and let the lawyers sort it out) instead of interdiction of force before the fact. Never send a riot squad where you need an A-10 or AC-130. Better yet, why was a consulate sited in a place better suited as a USAFE bomb range and Marine...
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