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I wasn't aware of "Gangwalker". where can I look it up?
Daily murders by gangs and felons. When is Rahm Emanuel going to start taking guns away from felons instead of middle class law abiding citizens? Too dangerous I guess, easier to harass non violent, law abiding citizens who follow the law. You get gthe government you deserve but these kids don't deserve Emanual.
Well yeah, they can't blame all the Violence on inner City Gangs, can they? That's their Base. We need to demand that Goverenment, either State or Federal, solve the Gang problem, RIGHT NOW! 85% of all gun Deaths come from Gangs, not the Middle Class. We need to stop defending against their BS and attack them with the truth. The Democrats are causing all these Deaths. Please remind them of this. The NRA needs to make this an issue ASAP.
Birdman, why would anyone not living in Ct be guilty? Is Thomas Jefferson guilty? Are the 400,00 Americans killed in wars this century saving us from occupation guilty/ This is why we can't have a serious discussion with you folks. Shall we consider you the enemy? Are you against freedom in general, or just Freedom to defend ourselves against Gangs and tyrannical governments. Y'know I might not need my gone if Democrats didn't commit 85% of all murders. We know who the real enemy is, don't we Birdman?
Maybe we should discuss placing our Armed citizens back on the Border if Obama won't close it off. I'm going to look up the Border numbers, if they can be trusted.
It's obviously not enough, or it's being spent elsewhere, or it's all theather. We know from testimony from Border Control Agents that they are told in some areas NOT to enforce. We need a an airtight border, both ways. Please advise where I can review the budgets for Border Enforcement. If all these millions of pounds of drugs are still getting through then the money isn't bein g spent correctly. We are failing at the borders.
Congress need to WRITE and Pass their Legislation and let Obama Veto it if he wants. I'm so sick of our things getting held up that our Congress has passed on for Signature only to hear that they never 'passed" anything. These are lies. Where are the TV Spots from The Right on the issues that State, "Again, Obama and his Senate have halted progress in the area of Immigration" or whatever area we are introducing. Are these people dumb? Obama gets them, where are ours? Stop being on the Defensive, Start attacking!
Gary, did I miss something? This was passed in 41'?
Absolutely correct. America was formed to protect our Founders us from their enemies. The Left is run by enemies of personal and religious freedom, as it was over 200 years ago. This is our MOST Sacred Right, period. Millions have died for it, so don't give it up so easily. If they want to saves lives, then lets see them take the guns away from Felon Gang Members. If they don't, then there is our proof, they just want disarm law abiding citizens as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao did. Anyone that wants that is our enemy, as the Loyalist were 200 years ago.
I dunno, many, many members of the armed forces have not only said, but signed a contract that they will not violate their Constitutional Oath. By Law, the Armed Forces can not be used to take away anything within the US. Plus, we all saw how well we did in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm sure you noticed we lost, except with the main cities.No one is asking for trouble, just our God given Rights as GUARANTEED by our Founders. The BOXER Bill is not compromise. it bans ALL Semi-automatic weepons except by those who are employed by the Government. This creates two calasses of People and is exactly what our Founders warned us about. If you can't see that than your just a gun grabber and probably a plant.
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