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Are you referring to MEXIFORNIA?
And the CAUSE of the misbehaving must, at all cost, be avoided, because it will reveal that what happen in the street (or classroom, or household, or playground, etc.) is based on broken families in a society devoid of ethics and social values. And when one ethnic group shows more evidence of THAT, and that group happens to be African-American..., it is bad for business, the "business" of politics, the liberal business of liberal politics. Therefore, it is better to sweep under the rag the symptoms in order to ignore addressing the real issues: the root of the problems.
I never thought I would say this, but... since he always finds something or someone to blame for whatever he does or does not do, I am beginning to believe that he is god, or related to some god, BECAUSE IN FIVE YEARS HE HAS NEVER APOLOGIZED FOR ANYTHING, so it seems that he HAS DONE NOTHING, repeat, NOTHING WRONG EVER!!! That seems pretty "divine" to me!!!
When you say Catholics, what do you mean? Because I know excellent ones, and I know some that are Catholics because they were baptized such, whose lives are a rebuff of all the Catholic tenets, who will vote for anyone who gives them money, even the very devil! So, yeah, Catholics would vote for excommunicated Catholics, if those "ex-Catholics" would promise them more money!!! You can count on that!!!
No, Jerome, because you are still alive!
The M is definitely under the hood! 175 or not! I guess ignorance is so prevailing, that people will not stop at anything to show how stupid they really are, specially in matters of religion. What they really want to say is this: please eliminate the ten commandments, please! Any thing else is "phony as a $3 dollar bill", which is brilliantly original, you know. And Mr/Ms mhood175 has a doctorate in Divinity, you know! I mean, he hates the church!!!
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HBO Hates Popes, Loves Kennedys

Fernando11 Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 7:02 PM
Bright Tonto. So, you are a brilliant imbecile! It shows in your comment. The imbecility, I mean...
Hit the road, Jack, and don't you come back no more, no more, no more! Hit the road, Jack. I like the song! Now, seriously: Immorality is a choice. Fine. But immorality has a way to come out as BAD, AND BECOMES SUBJECT TO CRITICISM. Whoever made a bad choice hates that. So, the best strategy to "excuse" it, "justify" it, and pretend it is GOOD, is to eliminate ANYTHING that opposes it: God, The Ten Commandments, the Church, Religion, the conservatives, etc. We do not stop anyone from making a choice, even if it is BAD. But, if we respect the right of the sinner, we cannot accept the sin, much less swallow the idea that WE HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!
None1257, read the article again, because, if you did, you did not understand the message at all!
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