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Ben Bernanke: “Who Is This Man, and Why Is He Ruining My Money?”

fencerdad Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 4:29 PM
What's happening to your money is a consequence of $16T in DEBT! Attacking monetary policy without understanding fiscal policy is like attacking the spraying of Raid on flies while ignoring the corpse in the room. Monetary policy is linked to fiscal policy!

Like most of you, I imagine, I get lots of email advertisements. It’s very rare that I ever click on something, and I’ve never purchased anything. But sometimes I have to acknowledge a clever pitch or product.

And since I’ve previously publicized special Federal Reserve toilet paper, Ben Bernanke’s hacked Facebook page, and the famous “Ben Bernank” video, you will understand why I think this t-shirt is quite amusing.

Though I’m not sure that’s a great likeness of Bernanke on the t-shirt. Heck,