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I have personally recovered 21 partitions from a wiped hard drive using $39 software.
Maybe if the tax code was simplified, the IRS would not need as much money and corrupt bureaucrats would have less chance to create havoc.
Do you know what the odds of 7 hard drives crashing within a short time period. Especially one's with possibly incriminating evidence on them?
That's because the Democrats wait to see how many ballots they need to find in the trunks of cars.
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Foot Soldiers in the War on Women

Felix the Cat Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 10:47 AM
How many died trying to capture these 5 terrorist?
A lot of places do not have run-offs in special elections.
So, why does Obama want to do away with catastrophic only policies?
Remember when Nancy Reagan was raked over the coals for wearing designer dresses that were LOANED to her. After all, the average American doesn't have those types of connections. Besides, the dress is hideous.
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