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"Indeed, the early data show that the economy did add 257,000 jobs in January." How many of the 257k were Americans? That's the question.
I hope this pisses off judges everywhere.
I think the Dems just wanted him out of the way for 2016. He probably would have been a contender.
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (coughcoughfart) OMG, thanks for the laugh! I needed it.
Never. Northern Virginians will vote Democrat every time.
He forgot that the Northern Virginia Libtards can't vote for representatives all over the state. Hence, NOVA voted McAuliffe in but the rest of the state hamstrung him with Repulican representatives from everywhere else in the Commonwealth. And that just makes me grin with glee. :)
Never gonna happen with all the Libtards voting in Northern Virginia. They are the bane of Virginia's existence.
ITA. I loved McDonnell. He was a contender for POTUS in 2016. The Dems couldn't let that happen. Richmond, Virginia, is Dem all the way. They had to get him out of the way. What Bob did was hardly as bad as most who hold office.
DAYUM! Brisket and more brisket! I wish I could be there. Mmmmmmm, brisket, mmmmmm
Hmmm, I wonder how much $9.26 BILLION divided by the number of American taxpayers would be? I know I could sure use the money. How about you?
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