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Will Ferrell Isn’t Very Funny, Ha, Ha

fedupwithidiots Wrote: Mar 06, 2013 10:49 AM
John, you know liberals and I know liberals. The time has come for the Americans left in this country to stop paying ANY attention to them. We know who they are… what they want and.. how they go about getting it. They stop at NOTHING. NO law, no sense of decency. no concern for any one except for how to continue to fool them. NO CONCERN AT ALL FOR OUR CONSTITUTION…….to me that is blasphemous. No concern for the people who pay the bills, (they think its them). Just spend, spend, spend, FOR WHAT?? Just to buy the votes of the 47% that don't pay!, the most ignorant of all. PUT THE COUNTRY IN DANGER SO AS TO MAKE THE PUBLIC FEEDING TROUGH BIGGER. IF THEY'RE HUNGRY OR NEED A PHONE THEY SHOULD ALL GET JOBS…..oh, but wait...

The best political movie of my generation, "Primary Colors," tells the story of Jack Stanton, a small-time Southern governor who becomes president of the United States because he’s willing to sacrifice everything he says he stands for to gain power.

Of course, we all recognize Stanton for who he really is: A thinly disguised portrait of President Bill Clinton, the philandering, charming and wholly immoral talebearer; a simple-hearted liar who can lie about Uncle Charlie winning medals in World War II just as easily as he can lie about his sham marriage.

Far from detracting from the movie, the...