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Hillary: Riding Off Into the Sunset Or Bound For Glory

fedupwithidiots Wrote: Feb 09, 2013 1:55 PM
hillary is maybe the most cleverly cunning woman in the world, but she much closer to incompetent than capable in her last gig as sec of state. i could have done better and I'm just some schlub from joisey. SHE IS THE POSTER PERSON, (a little pc there), FOR THE IGNORANT LOW INFO VOTER OF THIS COUNTRY.She's an embarrassment and her "fame" is an indictment on our intelligence.

Last week Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stepped down from her lofty position amidst a sycophantic outpouring of hot air as journalists and fellow politicians abandoned their roles and assumed positions as Hillary courtiers, duly attending to the bidding of their lord and mistress. This would include, but was not limited to singing praiseful odes to her ladyship, ignoring her errors, helping to cover up her mistakes, and attempting to damage the reputations of any person who refused to play along with the charade. At the center of the love-fest was the former Secretary herself, appearing before a Senate panel to...