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Newtown Gives us Much to Consider

fdroese Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 7:53 AM
Almost every one of these mass murderers had been taking psyc meds. These meds are well known to produce violent behavior and suicidal tendencies. The big pharmaceutical companies have been sucessfully sued in the past by the victims and their families for the harm caused by these meds so causation has been established. Isn't time we looked at the real cause of these horrors? We probably won't because gun confiscation from law abiding citizens fits a long time political objective of those seeking to enslave us.

Nothing strikes deeper to the heart than the loss of children. It's one more reason why the horror in Newtown, Conn., has hurt our nation so badly.

I do not believe there is any human suffering like the suffering of a parent who loses a child.

I know it from personal experience. I lost a beautiful, young teenage daughter almost 10 years ago, and the pain never goes away.

When tragedy strikes, we want to do something. It is a natural human instinct that when we suffer, we conclude it is because something is broken and to want...