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Big Dog is like a velvet hammer. Never once did he raise his voice -- but he absolutely DESTROYED the Republicans shameful LIES. Brilliant!!!!!!!
Just a facts, baby! It was a magnificent, spectacular, extraordinary, FACT_BASED and beautiful delivered speech by the master, the 42ND President of the United States of America, President William Jefferson Clinton. Amazing, Just Amazing!!!!!!!
Now it's time for the welfare's shameful, race-baiting, big lie to go down. What a performance. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you President Peace and Prosperity, Bill Clinton. FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!
What a powerful, fact-based, inspirational speech. School them -- Mr. President FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!
42 million vs 24 million jobs. School 'em, President Clinton. SCHOOL THEM. Wow! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow!!! What a speech by President Clinton. Amazing, just amazing!!!!!
Peace, Prosperity, Surpluses and booming economy = President William Jefferson Clinton.
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