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Obama: If the Election Were Held Today, I'd Win

fdisalle Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 9:09 PM
Mitt Romney will finally be able to tap into his overflowing general election war chest and begin to neutralize Obama's huge battleground state spending advantage ... [He] will also have the opportunity to do what millions of dollars' worth of false Democratic attacks have largely failed to accomplish: Define Mitt Romney in voters' minds ... Polling from The Hill, Gallup and NYT/CBS indicates that ... [Romney] ... has a genuine opportunity to introduce himself to voters ... RealClearPolitics' Sean Trende recommended that Romney complement his "contrast" campaign (attack ads) with positive material, offering potential supporters more insight into the man they'd be voting for... Sounds like Romney has quite a bench in the Fall...
Jerry1 Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 9:15 PM
...and Obozo has the 'teleprompter'.

Don't worry, we will see some more of Communist David "Cement Shoes" Axelrod.

The bad news?  As we alluded to yesterday, he's probably right (via The Hill):

President Obama told supporters at a campaign event in New York City Monday night that, if the election were held today, he would win. "So the upshot is if the election were held today, I think it would be close, but I think we'd win," Obama said. Noting that there were 99 days left until the election, Obama added: "If I can say that every single day for the next 99 days, then we will be able to embark...

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