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A community black Kenyon and a senile wrinkled old lady!
And we are all on here blogging about it and crying instead of going to Washington and cleaning out our house!
Very well said Rich! Deadmasses is a whole lot better than dummasses!
Yes, isn't it funny that that the one's who didn't have insurance now think there getting FREE healthcare! Wait until they get there fine for not having ODUMBUTTCARE! Like I say a lot, You can't fix stupid!
Destroy and damage the country! That is what the liberal plan has been all along! Why now are you so surprised to have waken up! 2014/2016 will not stop anything! When enough people get sick of it, they will end it! Won't be with a vote-they haven't counted for yrs!
Nice thought John but you can't fix STUPID! They will always be dummasses! Its the media dummasses that keeps them dummasses!
Not now, Odumbbutt should get his monkey eared mug on them!
I didn't know people HAD to work at Walmart or McDonalds? If it does pay enough, go work somewhere else! DA!
Most people in Fla are not American! Should explain that huh!
Them Cuban's love her down there!
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