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I'm betting that's a co-pay policy, where you don't have a visit deductible and your drugs are also on a co-pay. That's what's called a cadillac plan. Very nice for people who need that because they have conditions that require regular cortisone injections & such. If you don't need that, go find an individual plan. You'll have a $3,000-$5,000 co pay that you will pay out of your pocket first, but your premiums will be that much lower.
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Black Unemployment Rises to 13 Percent

FClass1 Wrote: Sep 06, 2013 4:18 PM
Why work? We gots the Obama free phone program, food stamps that we can sell for cash, housing for $200/mo that subsidized. It's easier than ever to get signed up for this stuff, but you can't do it if you have a job. I'd rather not work and have stuff, than work and pay taxes and not have as much stuff. I can get a free phone, and save my money to buy that 60" flat screen instead. Now I'm about to get health care and I get subsidies to pay for that too. Love Obama....
And idiots. Oh...I guess that's synonymous. My bad.
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A Nation of "Community" Children?!

FClass1 Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 2:44 PM
Oh, you want more money for education to make your kids better? Why not start with better parenting. The school system can't be responsible for everything; And if your kids mouths off, steals, or vandalizes my property, you'd better bring them back and either beat them in front of me or let me do it so they learn a lesson. That's my sense of community right there. They're YOUR kids, deal with them so they're prepared for life and don't try to foist the responsibility on anyone else, or you'll end up with Hitler's Jungen all over again. I would be happy for your kids to believe what I believe, think what I think and act as I act. You might not like it though.
Yay, we caught her because she was DUMB enough to say on TV that she voted twice. Made 'em actually look at it. Found out she voted "at least" six times. Unless every precinct took 100s of man hours to sort all ballots into alpha order and manually review the names, you'd NEVER know how rampant fraud may be. And they don't unless there's a recount or something like this where it gets challenged. You'd never know how many fraudulent ballots may or may not have been cast. Yes, it may be an inconvenience to all those people without any form of state issued ID to have to go out & get one, but so what? It's not that much of an inconvenience and everyone should have an ID anyway. How else are you supposed to buy beer?
Harkin was interviewed on a local radio station just Monday. He said we don't have a spending problem, we have an income problem. The gov't needs more income. Gee, where do you think that'll come from?
This comment of Rahm's, "...focuses its messaging on the most dangerous kinds of guns and high-capacity ammunition magazines..." Is just dumb. The most dangerous kinds of guns are the ones pointed at you with a bad guy behind them. Doesn't matter the caliber, rifle vs. pistol, or the magazine capacity. Duh. And since you can't count on the cops to be there until after the fact, the only way to counteract that danger is to make the bad guys afraid you might have a gun and, in fact, be a better shot than they are. That's the biggest deterrent to violence. Criminals specifically choose the weakest and most vulnerable targets because there's less chance the criminal may be harmed.
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