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Classic deplorable strategy. I can't be shocked though. - Frank Franklypolitics.com
I am so surprised. Obama will never produce a budget, because as long as he has power, he doesn't need to. - Frank Franklypolitics.com
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Polls: Obama Approval Rating Slumps

Fcamp Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 1:21 PM
We've seen this before, specifically prior to the election. His approval constantly dips, then somehow rebounds significantly. It's absurd. I hope the American people are finally waking up. Though it would have been nice to have that realization happen before November. - Frank Franklypolitics.com
I'm not Catholic either, but I will miss Benedict. He had a way about him unlike other Catholic leaders. He wasn't afraid to be disliked. I hope they choose wisely. - Frank Franklypolitics.com
This is classic Democrat propaganda. They constantly bellyache that voter fraud is a creation of Republicans in order to foster an environment of voter suppression. Then, following the elections, numerous cases of fraud are shown to be true. The Democrats scoff. They desperately need voter fraud to win, so they will stonewall voter ID laws until the cows come home. - Frank Franklypolitics.com
The government spends, the private sector saves. Private sector spends, the government gets out of the way. This is the truth, but the Obama admin doesn't really care. - Frank Franklypolitics.com
I mean, really. These are all great attributes. But above all else we need a candidate with a scalpel tongue; someone who can dismantle the other side so easily, it looks like nothing. yes, affability is definitely nice, but I don't necessarily believe required. - Frank Franklypolitics.com
This is just further evidence that the Jobs numbers are increasingly bogus. The Obama admin is cooking the books, and killing jobs. It sucks for the Millennials. - Frank Franklypolitics.com
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Is School Choice a Good Investment?

Fcamp Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 2:42 PM
It's a propaganda blindside. My friend--whose name I will not mention--argues fervently against school choice and vouchers, but can't tell me why. It's patently absurd. - Frank @ franklypolitics.com
Well, finally. It's a rare gem when someone on Pravda admits the truth....I mean MSNBC. - Frank @ franklypolitics.com
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