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Washington Can’t Keep Running From Debt Crisis

fbarnes Wrote: May 10, 2013 7:09 AM
What taxes do poor people pay? On the other hand, how much of the income tax payers money do they receive? Amnesty is just another 'Rat way of adding to the very substantial number of people who are takers. There are barely 50% of workers who pay Federal income tax. To stop the encroaching abuse of the tax payer, let everyone pay Federal tax or remove them from the voting roles. In other words, try doing something of substance to fix the real problems. It is sad to see the Senate populated by irresponsible, pie-in-the-the-sky politicians who love words more than action. The fixes are not difficult (or "hard"), it is just that these politicians have no interest in them. They are in love with the vacuous game of who can out-demagog who and who get the most public love. As a final note, anyone who would join McCain in any pursuit has suspect intellect and ethics.