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Just when did the start government sending in brutal force to get a bill paid? Are the courts all closed? No, it was that weasel from the Senate who started this because he wants to confiscate the land for a sweetheart deal in solar energy. He and the Vegas mob are the inspiration for the violence being perpetrated against the Bundy ranch.
Ann supports the Republican establishment. The base of her talk is Republican versus Democrat and not conservative versus statist. She doesn't like the Tea Party even though they actually oppose amnesty while the establishment is looking for a way to implement it. She supports the establishment candidates even though they are most likely in favour of keeping Obamacare and continuing to evolve an all-powerful central government. She is lots of fun with her criticism of the Rats, but she does not promote conservatism. She even claimed that Romney was the most conservative of the Republican candidates in the last election! That had to be disingenuous. She supports a party and not a political philosophy. It would be great if a lot of Tea Party candidates would emerge. They are not the radical and goofy people Ann claims. Her attitude to the Tea Party should be reserved for the Democrat crazies and the Republican Quislings.
Harry Reid, the weasel of the Senate, is a degenerate and butt boy of the Vegas mob. Life doesn't come any lower than him. He talks in a tone that could get him a role in a Hollywood movie as a porno phone caller. He has no redeeming qualities. He belongs in jail, or better yet at the end of a rope, for all the lives he has damaged and destroyed. How do creeps like him get elected? It has to be voter fraud.
The asinine Kerry with hardly even a spark of intelligence or believability will have no effect on stopping the Russians. He will get nothing more than a smirk from them, and why not? A lifetime of being a gasbag is not about to change. He is just another pathetic loser from the "ruling class".
That is easy to answer Mr.Biden. You are a low-intelligent goof. On, the other hand that hasn't prevented other such idiots from running for, and even succeeding, in becoming Democrat candidates.
This sounds like another Boehner move to sucker the American public. He obviously wants to raise the debt ceiling. The rest is just con man talk.
The atrophied brains of the establishment politicians is no match for the vibrancy of those in the Tea Party. The Tea Party is a great gift to those who want to smell the roses!
This criminal puke should not have his rantings published. He is a completely irrational goofball who is irrelevant to any worthwhile discussion.
Their idea of conservative comes from the DNC media. What clueless people! Half the people have IQ's below 100 and they obediiently vote for the 'Rats,
which party? The 'Rats?
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