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Two is Enough

faultroy Wrote: May 21, 2012 12:38 PM
This author fails to mention the fact that the system is rigged into a two party system. Look at the difficulty that some of this year's candidates had in getting on state ballots for example. It's not as simple as just declaring your candidacy. This writer needs to be a little more informed on her subject before she writes. The logistics are incrediblly daunting--just ask Ron Paul--why do you think he is running as a repub? Even the media is in on the con.

NEWS FLASH: The next president of the United States, like the last 29, will be a Republican or a Democrat.

That's not news, you say? But surely it must be. Haven't we been hearing for months from accomplished and influential people — people like former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, private-equity investor Peter Ackerman, and former New Jersey Governor Christie Whitman — that the post-partisan hour was finally at hand? Weren't legions of Americans said to be ready to turn their backs on the old two-party system, with all its divisiveness and ideological rigidity? Haven't tens of millions of...