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The Plight of the MBA Generation

faultroy Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 1:32 PM
You're difficulty is that you have tunnel vision. The real issue is not the anti wage discrimination laws, but rather why do we need them if gainfully employable people want to work and not be discriminated against? The reality is that discrimnation laws are bipartisan. No one wants to be the one consciously discriminated against. But you are correct that all actions have consequences. Note that the companies doing the chopping are actually cutting services to their consumers. Look at all the outsourcing and poor service nowadays by companies that used to take pride in excellent service. It's the consumer that is also getting screwed.

During the first-ever Federal Reserve press conference, Fed chair Ben Bernanke said the number of jobs in America was still 7 million behind the number of people employed when the recession began. When asked whether the Fed could do anything about long-term unemployment, Bernanke said the central bank has been fighting it with an aggressive monetary policy. But he admitted his crew operating out of the Eccles Building doesn't have any tools to make the long-term unemployed employable again.

Orginally published Monday, May 02, 2011

A day later the news came that first-time unemployment claims rose to 429,000 — up from...